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If you missed it, my Santa Fe String Star did get finished last Friday!!  Yahoo!!  I’m so happy to have another UFO finished and this one is completely finished.  Others I’ve called finished but technically they are only in the pile to be quilted.  I’m not going to beat myself up about that though.  I’m super happy with my progress.

So if you were here last week on Wednesday you likely remember that I was stuck waiting for the fabric to come to finish the sashing for my Star Struck quilt.  Well then I realized that there was a lot I could do that didn’t require that I have the needed sashing fabric so I started to dig in.

I got a couple rows sewn together…I’m liking the look.  This project stalled out because I wasn’t sure what to do about sashing.  Bonnie Hunter did her’s in green and black.  I’m not a big green fan so I debated.  I ended up with the gold and black.  I think it will be okay.

Then I decided to sew up a sashing strip….UGH.


Something was wrong.  I looked and looked.  How did this happen?  Then I opened up the book and saw this….UGH.  The vertical strips were suppose to be sewn differently.


So I have this pile that’s needs to hang out with the seam ripper for a bit.  It’s a good project for me to do in the car back and forth to Lacrosse so I put it in the car so I have it on the next trip.


I didn’t want that to stop my forward momentum so I grabbed the border pieces.  I had finished up the border segments as a leader and ender in between projects that I’ve been doing over the last month or so.  As I got going I realized that I didn’t have enough so I was back to the cutting board.  I made 16 more only to find out once they were all sewn together that I found 8 under a basket by the sewing machine….oh well.  I think I’ll cut them down and make them into flying geese.  I’ll use them someday I think.

The outer borders are sewn together…the inner border is cut and needs to be sewn together as are the binding strips.  Like I said…I’m trying to keep my momentum.

My fabric arrived in the middle of sewing the borders so hopefully next week I’ll have even more progress to show on this…I’m chugging down the UFO tracks.

I’ll see you here next Wednesday. I sure wish this would be a top by then but that’s a pretty ambitious wish.

4 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. Seam ripper to the rescue! its all coming along nicely and soon it will be finished and off our UFO list.

  2. That’s going to be a lovely quilt! I made one in plaid shirts about ten years ago but I like yours better! I may have to remake this one. Not likely, though because there are too many I want to do first! This is going to be beautiful when it’s done.

  3. 9 Patches for Rick Rack 9s are ALL DONE! Now to find time to lay out and sew together.
    I also get to pick a new L&E project because that was it-I am pulling out a UFO to figure out where I was and what needs to be done-HERE I GO!

  4. I have Star Struck blocks also made, but didn’t like my green and black choices for the sashing. I like your gold and black, so will have to see if that would work for mine. I did accomplish a lot this last week as my husband was gone for the weekend. Completely finished Allietare!! So it is ready for our quilt show in July. I have another quilt loaded and ready to quilt, sewed the blocks together for a charity quilt, and almost have the binding finished on another quilt. Hope I also can keep the momentum going!!

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