UFO Progress

I DID IT!!  Talkin’ Turkey is a quilt top!!  Yahoo!!


The borders really make this quilt sing, don’t they?  I’m super happy with it.  Eventually I think it will be on my bed at Christmas time.  That’s one of the reasons I make it bigger.  I think it’s 96″ x 96″ now.

If you missed yesterday’s blog post you likely don’t know that I ended up having trouble on the borders.  Read about that here if you missed it.  I did…and I ended up with this as an end result.  What do you think?


I’m still tempted to go back and make that corner a solid neutral square instead of a half square triangle…but at this point, I don’t know it really make a difference at all.  The only people who will really notice anything is someone trying to be a member of the quilt police and I don’t really care what they think.

I am so happy this is done.  I can’t tell you.  Of all the quilts I have EVER pieced I believe this one to be the most intense.   I have filled SO MANY bobbins on this quilt…making it bigger didn’t help.

I would like to put it on the frame and get it quilted but I have a big stack of charity quilts that need attention…and I best get to them first.  That’s okay.  I don’t think I have a good backing for this at my house anyway.  I’m fairly confident that this will be with me for a long time so I want a backing that I’m going to love.

So next week it will be a new UFO for me…I’m not sure what I’m picking but here’s my list to choose from.  Which do you think it should be?


37 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. Jo, I love the end result. I think I might have to start my own Talkin Turkey. As for your next project – I’d like to see your version of Fair and Square

  2. Mary Ann Harpe

    Flying today to see my Dad in Texas with parts of 2 Bonnie Hunter quilts! I turned he Jingle Bell quilt into a Halloween quilt and just need to put the top together as all the blocks are done. Then I have all the parts cut out for a second En Provence quilt top- this one for me and totally out of stash but in blue and softer colors this time. Congrats on a finish. Mary Ann

  3. I think you should definitely finish Pineapple Crazy, cause I am crazy to want to make one! How in the world do ya even attempt a start on this one?? Love it, please finish it!w

  4. Love your Talking Turkey. I have been tempted to make one but too many pieces. I am trying to finish up a list of UFOs also; however, not as complicated as yours. Looking forward to seeing more finished.

  5. This is one of my favorite Bonnie Hunter quilt patterns. Your comments of it being intense make me nervous about starting it though. Maybe I’ll plan on making a table runner and if all goes well enlarge from there. Your quilt looks fantastic!

  6. I llove your latest project! A sweet friend always said “just do one block at a time and before you know it the quilt will be made”. You are one amazing lady!

  7. Beautiful job! The corner is perfect! Not sure which you ve finished but I think I’d get to the Pineapple Crazy because I bet you have that pretty far along.

    Nice work!!

  8. Gosh–a beautiful, beautiful quilt….it would be a perfect Christmas quilt….I like the triangle in the corner block too….

  9. Guild show is next weekend (about 10 days), so I’ve got lots of finishes. Yesterday I finished a split nine patch quilt (99″ x 99″) that had been sitting around as blocks for over 10 years! I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes them big.

  10. Congratulations, Jo! I am a border and a half behind you. I’m going to add a plain border after the last flying geese border because I know my points would suffer in the binding process. I agree with your intense piecing comment! There is a lot of work in this quilt!

  11. Gorgeous! I love your corner solution and think you should leave it as is. I’m still working on my Bricks in the Barnyard but I’m making it larger than Bonnies so I give myself permission to be late getting it done.

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  13. I really like the little triangle in the finishing corner! Every time I see a quilt with the points forming a straight line at the corner I feel like there is something missing. But yours has an extra little fillip!

  14. Beautiful quilt!!! Love the border, you just made it your own!!!! I always feel such an accomplishment when I have a finish! Good for you Jo!!!

  15. Cheryl in Dallas

    Talkin’ Turkey is my favorite Bonnie Hunter pattern. Your version is fabulous. I made that quilt and gave it to a friend. Now I need to make another one to keep because it is also my husband’s favorite pattern. It wants to use it for a bedspread on our king-size bed. Yikes!

    I was at the Dallas Quilt Show this week-end and saw Talkin’ Turkey in green. I recognized it from across the room and felt like seeing a long lost friend. Someone did a wonderful job of that green Talkin’ Turkey.

  16. I love your quilt — it is beautiful!! I would have a hard time taking it off my bed after Christmas!! I vote for Pineapple Crazy — love the colors in that one, and would be fun to see it done!!

  17. Whoot! Whoot! I got a baby quilt top sewn together, more 9 patches for Rick Rack 9s and a Turning 20 grad gift top done. I have the backing planned out for the grad gift, but I had better get going on it. Late start this morning due to ice, so I did some cleaning and errands and hope to sew tonight.
    Talkin’ Turkey is on the WANT to list!

  18. Nice job on the quilt. I finished sewing the blocks for Scrappy Trips last night. Now to sew the blocks together. I also bought fabric for a quilt for a wedding in August and a quilt for our grandson. And I need to decide on colors for the Scrap Crystal quilt we will be doing at a Bonnie Hunter retreat in May. And…I want to finish a couple of quilts for show and tell at the retreat. I have no excuse to be bored!!

  19. Doreen of Iowa

    I have one block completed for a Talking Turkey quilt in the colors of my grandsons college colors. If I continue at my current pace, he might get it when he graduates in 3 years. lol
    I might use the paper piece parts for a leader and ender project. Do you think it will get done faster this way??
    Jo, yours looks beautiful! I would never take it off of the bed. I can only hope mine will look as good as yours.
    I am working on a pineapple quilts now, so that gets my vote. I would love to see that one finished.

    1. Yes. I do think piecing the border as a leader and ender would speed up the process. I am so happy mine is finished.

  20. This quilt is beautiful! You did a great job! I like the little half square triangle on the corners. It looks unique.

    Take care.

  21. It’s beautiful Jo! I am working on quilting my string spiderweb UFO – I have about a half hour left, then onto binding. I am also piecing a String X – adding the triangles tonight. And piecing log cabins. And cutting the constant color for rick-rack 9s. And put binding and label on a baby quilt for grandson #4. I suppose if I worked on ONE project I would get them done faster…but what fun is that!!

  22. If I were choosing the next one, it would be Blue Skies (love those colors) or Fair and Square. But I’m not choosing! When you look at your list of UFOs, what sings to you? What would you just love to work on right now?

    Talking Turkey ended up beautiful! I agree that we should never worry about the quilt police. We should do what we want to do on our quilts. :)

  23. Kathryn Stewart

    I think your Talking Turkey quilt is just spectacular and that you sure have created an heirloom. I’ve had many snafus on my quilts and done the same thing you did. It just makes me love the quilt even more because it truly is ME! Congratulations on a job very, very well done. I love it!!

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