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I ended up finishing up the fireman quilt last week and took the rest of my early morning sewing time and gave it to Talkin’ Turkey.  That’s just the boost it needed.



The center of the quilt is finished!!!  Yahoo.  I finally feel like the quilt if coming together.  This quilt is MARATHON sewing expedition!!  For curious minds, the pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.

I had to laugh last week.  Some people seemed to “feel bad” for me because I had so many UFOs.  I think there were 15…but 4 of them were completed tops.  I didn’t think that was horrible at all.  I love having all this quilts going on.  Here’s the best part….I started this quilt WAY back when Bonnie had this block featured in Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks.  I looked it up and it was from May of 2012.  That’s almost five years this has been a UFO.  To some that seems tragic.  No me…not one bit.  I STILL LOVE THE QUILT.  So many people who have UFOs have UFOs because they have fallen out of love with the projects.  I love this and am HAPPILY sewing on it.  The only thing that has prevented this quilt from being completed sooner is life.

I am hoping to keep powering through this one.  My goal for next week is to have the rest of the borders sewn.  They might not be on the quilt but I do want them sewn together….and for anyone counting.  Yes, my version is bigger than the original.  That one was in a 5 x 6 setting.  Mine is a 6 x 6 setting.

See you right back here next week.

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  1. En Provence – the top is done but now I have decided to add another pieced border. So now it’s back to work on making more hourglass units. Next week I am heading out to a retreat so I have been busy cutting fabric for a couple of quilts.
    Your TT is looking good.

  2. Hi Jo, My theory is that all quilts are “born” and some take longer than others–all have their own incubation or developmental periods. I often find that an unfinished quilt that has been around for awhile takes some unexpected turns and developments when it is ‘restarted’ and comes out more beautiful and wonderful than the original plan. I have lots of UFOs too.

  3. Finally finished Bricks in the Barnyard. It’s for my nephew’s high school graduation present. He’s going to Carnegie Mellon for engineering. This kid loved Legos as a kid, hence the Bricks.

  4. Beautiful job! My UFO is Smith Mountain Morning. Mine is blue and yellow and I love it. Last night I managed to get the back pieced. That was a challenge because the fabric I wanted to use was directional but two lengths weren’t wide enough. Enter orphan blocks! I only needed 9 inches so I pulled all the nine inch block I had and all the extra three inch units from others and soon I had a unique and colorful back! Now off to the long arm quilter.

  5. I would love to make Talking Turkey someday. Right now I am working on your Plus quilt that was published in a magazine a few months ago. It used up tons of my 2 inch strips, but for some reason, I still have tons. LOVE your quilt style…….it is so much like mine-Bonnie Hunter and scrappiness!

  6. Slowly getting my tumbler quilt done, only 4 more rows to put on and then its off to the long armer, hooray! It seems that I have been cutting and sewing tumblers for more than a year but its really only been a year since it was Bonnie Hunters leader and ender project for 2016. Your quilt looks great, cant wait to see the borders on.

  7. Love how your Talkin Turkey quilt is coming along!
    My UFO that is currently getting all my attention is a red work quilt by Crabapple Hill, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”….seems to be taking forever! I think I started it about 3 years ago (but who knows, it may have been longer!)… Every time I think I am on a roll, life gets in the way…but I am determined to get it finished…
    My quilt that holds the record for longest time in process was a charm quilt that took about 20 years…yes, 20! It started out with fabric squares received in a charm exchange…I had the pattern selected, and got started in a big way…about a year into the piecing, I wasn’t liking it too much (some of the fabrics just weren’t what I would pick)…so it was set aside for quite a while…every now and then, over the years, I would pull it out, then get tired of it and put it away again, for another year or more. The piecing was finished about three years ago, then it sat again for a while…the quilting was finally finished about a year ago….once it was finished, I loved it, and it is now one of my favorites! I am a hand piecer and hand quilter, so I had a lot of time invested in it…now it sits on the back of the sofa in our den, and is used almost daily!
    Also, like you, I have a number of quilts in various stages of completion….I love having the variety so I can switch to another project if the mood changes!
    Thanks for sharing all of your projects!

  8. I’m working on Talkin’ Turkey too and am one border ahead of you. My progress is going to slow down as I still need to sew all of those flying geese together.

  9. I finished the center of a star quilt I am doing. I now need to add a couple of inner borders and I am working on the pieced border that will finish it. But I started Bonnie’s Scrappy Trips quilt for some reason!! I have 10 blocks done. I might also start Rick Rack Nines as I have a lot of leftovers from Scrappy Trips. I also have a couple of quilts I need to quilt. At least we are never bored!!

  10. I just finished En Provence and it is at the quilter. It was fun and I added another border of 4 patches to the top and the bottom to make it a little longer. I am going to cut some tumblers with my Go cutter and start that next. Your Talking Turkey is beautiful. I am going to do your Plus quilt too, to diminish my scraps which seem to breed in their tubs in the basement.

  11. I cut some more 2 in. squares for Rick Rack Nines. It is my L&E and seems like it has been forever. I have all the setting fabric cut-I followed your lead and am going to scrap it up. I have not had time to sew in the last week.
    And I have reproduction of scraps in the bins in the basement as well-I am trying to use it, I am cutting, I am sewing and yet, the fabric is still there.

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  13. That is as far as I have gotten too! I have actually been thinking of quilting it as it is! Not all quilts have to be large right?

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