UFO Progress

I’m still working on my Talkin’ Turkey.  Remember last week when I told you that I was on hold because I didn’t have enough string triangles?

Well it looks like the problem is going to continue to plague me.

I had 30 blocks this far along when STOP.  I have six more blocks that need side strips sewn onto them.


UGH.  I think what happened is that when I started making this quilt I thought I would make it like the pattern.  Then when I picked it up again I thought I’d make it in a 6 x 6 layout verses a 5 x 6 layout.  That leaves me always 6 blocks short of finishing pieces.

So that left me making more of these….

It seems I’ve already made a trillion of these but alas, I was back to make more.  This time I anticipated the shortfall and made enough so that I’d have enough when I added the other side pieces.

Little by little, it’s happening.  My goal next week is to have the blocks finished.  I sure hope that happens.

I loved this quilt when I saw it and am still in love with it today but my oh my, this is not a quilt for the faint of heart.  Finishing this quilt will be closer to finishing two regular quilts!!

You can find me right back here next Wednesday. I’m hoping those blocks will be finished by then…fingers crossed.

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  1. Counting has always been a big issue with me. Too many Too Few darn. But thankfully Bonnie and Gwen Marston taught me that those who came before us used what they had and made do. I have no problems substituting and adding or subtracting.

    Scrap quilts ala Bonnie are so great because we are not tied to having enough anything.

    I just looked at my scrapy pieces and realized I can make a log cabin where every column is a different color. I am off to sew if the storm does not take out the electricity.

  2. I am making the 6 X 6 block version of Talkin’ Turkey. So far I have all the blocks sewn into rows and columns (last week’s project) and am working on the trillion flying geese units that you mentioned. There sure are a lot of them!

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  4. Jo, I had the bright idea of making (2) twin Talkin’ Turkeys. Yes, I was crazy, and yes, I was very much over flying geese buy the time I was done. Hang in there! It’s a beautiful quilt.

  5. I put the last borders on Easy Street last night! I have 3 sides of binding left to tack down on a Streak of Sunshine baby quilt and I have My Blue Heaven blocks all done and ready to lay out and assemble. I am still trying to make time each week to process scraps and get them under control. Talkin’ Turkey is on my WANT to list. . .

  6. Hi Jo,
    I sent you a box of things I hope you and your daughter can use, but I forgot to send the yarn to go with the baby shaw pattern. I will mail it as soon as I can get out to the post office.

  7. I love the great tip you gave us Jo, I dug into my knitting notions and am using the row counter to count my block pieces. That is the best tip I’ve had in a really long time.

    I think I need a counter for each project thou.

  8. Mary Etherington`

    I gave my Talkin Turkey quilt to Margaret after her son died. The funeral director took it to the cemetery to put over their laps. No one else was allowed to go because of the bitter cold but I wanted her to have that memory of the quilt warming her at the graveside service.

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I feel for you! I am currently doing handwork…310 cathedral windows need to have their arcs sewn by hand! I figure it will be over 50 hours of handwork (something I avoid at all costs!).

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