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I didn’t have a lot of time to work on UFOs this week.  In fact, I didn’t think I would have any progress at all and then I said – Nope.  The goal this year is some forward progress every single week even if it’s only a little bit of progress..and a little bit is what I had.

Last week I had put the final stitches into my Texas Braid quilt to make it into a top.  This week…being I didn’t have much time, I opted to do something that I could do quickly so I pulled strips for the center nine patch blocks of Talkin’ Turkey.


The original quilt has a 5 x 6 layout.  I think I’ll be going for a 6 x 6 layout so that means more blocks….no surprise that I’d make it bigger…right?

Originally the squares for the center blocks were suppose to be 2 5/8″ x 2 5/8″.  Well I had plenty of fabric in my 2 1/2″ bin so I opted to use those pieces.  I’m just sewing them with a smaller seam allowance.  I’m sure it will work as long as I am conscientious about the seams I sew.

I’m hoping that by next week I’ll have the nine patches done.  I only need 36 that’s an obtainable goal.  Certainly I wish I would get further along but alas…I have new projects in the way.  In the next year at this point I already know I need three wedding quilts, a graduation quilt and two baby quilts.  It looks to be a busy year…that’s for sure.  I’m sure there will be more than just these to do too.

You can find me back here next week sharing my progress.

14 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. I’ve set aside my Alletiere for awhile and have slowly been working on En Provence. I am almost to the point of having all my units done. I’ve kind of gone out of order. I’m almost done with my purple four patches and the hour glass units with yellow. I will also need to trim all my units once those are done, something I’m not looking forward to doing! I had to make a test block of Mountain Majesties too as I have all the blue and yellow shirts cut up. I’m so looking forward to working on that too!

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  3. I’m also working on Talking Turkey for my mom, its been a full year of trying to get it done. It will be twin size when completed and made from civil war fabrics. Then I hope to do something in a smaller size, maybe a baby quilt. Keep on stitching.

  4. Well, I pulled out Talkin’ Turkey and found the pattern again last night. That’s as far as I got. But my red uscraps are on my cutting table now, and I’m going to pull out the red strings. My inner blocks and sashings are done but not sewn together yet, and I need to do the borders.

  5. I now have all the parts for blocks sewn for my niece’s grad quilt. I am still L&Eing on Rick Rack Nines, and processing scraps.

  6. Didn’t quilt at all yesterday. With temperatures in the 80’s yesterday and today, yard work is the order of the day! I am dragging on getting my En Provence top finished. Also began Homey Triangles from Country Threads. (Thank you for introducing her to me on your blog!) But I have a feeling that until it gets too hot to be outside, I won’t be quilting as much as I’d like!

  7. My goal is to finish at least 12 UFO s this year. I listed them last year and I think I accomplished 10 out of the 12 but made a lot others in between!! It was a good motivator. Last week I found monkey wrench blocks that were from am auction and got them all put together. Now deciding if I dare machine quilt them or hand quilt it??

  8. Hi there, Jo;

    I know you have addressed this before because I have read it. I also have looked for it in your prior posts. Could you please tell us again how or where you get your books spiraled? I have used some of mine so much that they are needing spiraled so the pages won’t come loose. I love reading your blog!

    Thanks so much.

    1. Go to your local office supply store that does copying. Typically they have a binder machine and will do it for you. Mine cost $5 each but readers have said they had it done for a cheaper price.

  9. My finish isn’t in UFO status – but it is a finish, I got my En Provence binding hand stitched on Tuesday evening! Now I am binding a log cabin UFO. It is nice to get something to finished status, even though I do like working on several projects at the same time.

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