UFO Progress

It happened.  Texas Braid is a top.

Oh my….I am in love.  I was so busy this week but was bound and determined that I was going to make progress on this no matter what.  My early morning sewing sessions had been quite abbreviated.  I would sew once seam on this and then go prep for the benefit or do something else I was behind on but I was determined that by today, this would be a top and happily, it is!!


I’m in love with i t.  I, of course, love the colors.  What’s not to love about red?

To keep the quit scrappy and to keep with my frugal quilting ways the reds are all solid reds but all different.  At the time I had about a half dozen different reds that were only quarter yard cuts so I chopped them all up and threw them in.  For now, all I can say is that I”M HAPPY!!

Here’s another looks only head on.
This was made with lots of blog reader donated fabrics.  That’s what makes it all the more special to me.

I had another row that could go on this but it’s already about as wide as my quilting machine can go so I’m calling it quits on this.

I’ll be starting up on another UFO…Hmmm…which should it be?  Blue Skies and Talkin’ Turkey are closest to the table.  It might be one of them.  Stop back and see next Wednesday.

19 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. I finished crocheting a baby afghan, pieced a backing for Little Monkey and got it loaded on the machine. I have decided that in order to make progress on these totes of scraps, I am spending an hour and a half a week on them. With the help of my two youngest sons, I have two totes sorted. I now have to press and cut them into the User System. It might take me all year, but I am determined to get through them.

  2. Great finish! You did it! I love this one!
    I’ve been trying to finish Smith Mountain Morning and have managed to get the center together. Now on to piece the border but that may wait a bit.
    Great job!

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  4. Absolutely love it! Would like to make one, but that looks like it has a bejillion pieces and En Provence is taking me forever to put together. So I’m a little wary of “Texas Braid”, even though i live in Texas!

  5. Finishing my tumbler quilt, need to add 4 more rows to get it the right size of 87 x 105. I also have Talkin Turkey and Boxy Stars to get done. Love all the reds in your quilt.

  6. This is great! If you don’t already have plans for the leftover braid strip, you might want to consider using it on the back. I’m not a fan of pieced backs, so when I can incorporate an element from the front, I’m much happier with the results.

  7. Jo, this is a beauty. Congratulations. I have a baby quilt waiting to be quilted so must get down to that now.

  8. Love the quilt – was matching all the seams hard – did you have to pin the seams, or just match as you go? I agree with Paula – the extra braid might be nice on the back – unless you already have one planned.

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