UFO Progress

Lookie here…I made progress.  It was mostly because of Connie’s visit.  I’m completely thrilled but also kicking myself for not getting this quilt going sooner.

So, remember last week?  I was trimming Texas Braid rows.  (By the way this quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  Well as I was trimming I found a little boo-boo.


Without my realizing it, I think one of my pieces was slightly shorter.  That made for this boo-boo.  It had to be repaired.  The thought of ripping it out and putting a new piece in seamed a bit daunting so I patched a piece in.  I ripped a couple stitches and folded it back.  Then I found a piece that matched the best it could and pinned it in place.


I hand sewed it in.  This is what the back initially looked like.


Then this….


From there I trimmed it even up and was ready to go.

Next step….start sewing braids together.  I was really nervous about this and people warned me that I would be sewing on the bias.  I pinned a lot and didn’t have a single problem…at least so far.

What do you think?TexasBraids-15

I am thrilled.  I love it.  I can’t wait for the quilt to get finished and for it to be auditioned on my bed.

Connie was here sewing with me as I worked on this.  She spent LOTS of time teasing about me and my red obsession.  I love red and I’ll happily take any teasing.  I’m hoping by next week I can get the rest of the braids sewn in place….dare I hope?  A finished quilt top?

You can find me here next week on Wednesday with my UFO progress. I sure hope I can reveal a finished top!!

P.S.  Today is Kelli’s 30th birthday!!

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  1. I’m working on rows for a Bricks in the Barnyard for my nephew’s high school graduation present. The guild show is the end of March, so it’s on the front burner! Happy birthday, Kelli!

  2. It’s fabulous Jo! As for me?

    Sunday night I prepped/loaded a back/bat/UFO on Miss Jewel and it was all ready to quilt. Monday night I quilted that UFO from September. It’s trimmed up and ready for binding.

    Tuesday morning I prepped/loaded a back/bat another UFO. Last night I quilted half after work. I was awake at 3 this morning, so I finished quilting it, got it trimmed up and it too is ready for binding.

    And now I’m off to shower for work. :-) Hope you have a FABULOUS day!

  3. I’ve been busy with Smith Mountain Morning. Last night I finished the last of the blocks. Now I’m ready to press them and start putting them together! Hooray!

    Beautiful job on Texas Braid! Congratulations.

  4. Happy Birthday Kelli !

    Funny how this UFO post roll around and catch me off guard… I lead a life where there is no need to know the day of the week….. and now I get a jolt when UFO rolls around…… it is Wednesday!!!!

    Clever the way you patched in that tiny but need RED piece.

  5. Happy Birthday Kelli, hope you enjoy celebrating today for this day is for you. I love the fix job on your braid, its perfect and someday someone will be seeing it and wondering about the woman that made such a cute fix. Not much process on my UFO but I did manage to do my Tumbler quilt that was Bonnie Hunters Leader and Ender project from 2016.

  6. 1) Happy Birthday Kelli!
    2) I love your braids and great fix for the booboo!
    3) This morning I will finish quilting my mystery! Then I will quilt on a long time UFO of Courthouse steps. I have a sit down Tiara and spent last week backing and basting several tops, until I ran out of basting pins. So far this week – I quilted between the bubbles in a bubble quilt and will get done with En Provence. I think I have 5 large quilts and 2 wall hangings left in THAT pile.

  7. Happy Birthday to Kelli!!! I am hoping to teach my granddaughter to sew this year. I’m not sure if I want to jump into quilting or other sewing. My inclination is to teach her quilting, so we have it in common and can enjoy sewing together. Keep up the great work with your neighbor girl-who knows what this relationship might be doing for her as she grows older! Hugs

  8. Have a very Happy Birthday, Kelli!!
    Love your Braid quilt Jo. It is really a gorgeous quilt! I have my BH Split Nine Patch at the machine quilters. Looking forward to getting it back to sew the binding on!

  9. I forgot Kelli was my birthday buddy, since mine was yesterday. Hope she has a great day! I got a snow day again today, so hoping to find backing fabric for Little Monkey. I had to re-do the borders because I was in a hurry and they were wavy. :( BUT they are right now. I also got a graduation gift for my niece cut out yesterday, as well as some housekeeping. I think my baby version of Midnight Flight might be my next UFO to tackle. WHO knows which one will jump to the front of the line. :)

  10. Happy Birthday Kelli! My husband’s 30th birthday is today too! They are birthday twins.

    Your quilt has made me want to do the Texas Braid quilt. It is going to be stunning!

  11. Dorothy Matheson

    Excellent fix for the slight problem. Way to go.
    I have a short arm frame and last week I put a quilt top and back and middle on it. But the first two threads I tried to quilt with just were not working. One shredded and the other fell off the spool and caught a broke. So it is waiting for me to be better.
    I had a knee replacement 5 almost 6 weeks ago and am healing with plenty of PT to do. But I also have Cedar allergies. Post op in the hospital I was wheezing and had neb treatments. on Sunday the wind came through and brought a lot of pollen again so I am off to my Dr. today for something for the wheezing I have now.
    Busy busy.

  12. I absolutely love your braid progress. I, too, have a red obsession, and this makes me want to drop what I’m doing and make this, with red squares of course!
    PS. I speak of you and what you’re doing often, calling you “my friend Jo, in Iowa”! Thanks for being my friend, Mary from eastern Oregon.

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