UFO Progess

Well I thought I was going to show you a finished Rectangle Wrangle…but alas.

Last week I showed you that I had the blocks all sewn but was going to save the ironing and do that over nap time.  Well I did and as you can see by the note, I didn’t have enough blocks.  UGH.  Back to the shirts and cut out more blocks.  I got the six cut out and eventually sewn together.


well…almost sewn together.  This one have a little malfunction so a little seam ripping and I thought I was back in business.


I started sewing the blocks together for the border.  I got the pattern back out and referred to the drawing.  I needed rows of 12 and 14 blocks.  I started sewing and…UGH!!!  What?  I needed four left over for the corners, but I have THREE!?!?!


I looked and looked and looked for the missing block knowing it had to be hiding or under something.  Then I saw the note in the basket.  I had 49.  I needed 56.  56 minus 49 is SEVEN!!  Not SIX.  I only cut out six block and needed seven.  Glory Be!


So in light of all those happenings, here is how far along my UFO is….rectangle-wrangle-14

All ready to be sewn together except for one more block that still needs to be cut out and constructed.

As irritating that all is, I’m kind of happy.  I’ve had a blast making all those little blocks.  They are so stinking cute.

Find me back here next week. Dare I hope to have a finished top?

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15 thoughts on “UFO Progess”

  1. Been there done that. Often mine is more a decision needs to be made, so that is what slows down finishing a quilt. Or where did I put the border fabric. Good luck on your finish.

  2. I think we have all tried to make 1+1=3 in some way. I’m impressed with how much progress you did make, in spite of your efforts to sabotage yourself. Sounds like you’re back on track.

  3. Absolutely love it! Another one to add to my list. You’re not alone…I always miss count. You inspire me to get cutting and get my quilts on my list to a point where I can sew them up.

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  5. In my spare time I’ve been cutting up shirts, ironing, then using my GO to cut strips for 2 workshops with Bonnie next month. I’m making up kits for Moth in the Window and Tumalo Trail. Because Rectangle Wrangle has been on my list too I will be cutting up strips for that. My sewing room is a mess as there are shirts everywhere so I’m thankful it’s in the basement where I can just leave it till the next time I can run down there.

  6. It going to be wonderful when you get it all together. I love the look of repurposed shirts but have not gone that route, yet.

  7. I remember having to make 10 HSTs out of 1 1/2 strips to finish Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. After I finished them, I found the original pieces under my sewing chair. I was sure I had searched the whole room. I have made some pretty serious progress on Thanks to You. . .hope I get to show it to you in August.

  8. I have had that problem in the past of a missing block…sometimes you find it, sometimes you don’,t and sometimes you find the original one after you made another!!! Regardless your UFO is coming together and looks wonderful.

  9. Love the outer blocks you are showing us. That first one in today’s post is “some kind of colorful” – I love the way you manage to keep the lines so straight, and the colorful blue stripes on the end of the block. I suppose it won’t look quite the same once it is sewn into the quilt, but still it is looking good.

  10. Love all your star blocks! Isn’t it amazing what you can do with plaid shirts? And, yes, I do that all the time, needing another block or more, because I almost always design my own quilts and quite often miscalculate. Will definitely be checking back next week to see your progress. Hopefully, you will have a quilt top then.

  11. I spent too much time the other day looking for a hunk of the constant neutral I’m using in a quilt. Finally found it exactly where it was supposed to be–I had overlooked it the first time around, searched everywhere, then thought “I know I put it with the others,” re-looked, and there it was. :)

  12. This is one great project! You’ll find a way to get more blocks – can’t leave this one unfinished. Thanks for sharing today on Midweek Makers!

  13. Hi Jo,
    Thank you for the giggle – I needed it right now. I had to smile at your note: need 56, have 49. Then you said you sewed 6 blocks and I thought hmm, that’s odd. And then a search and rescue commenced and I knew where this post was going. Oh no. I am glad you enjoy making them, and they ARE stinking cute. Can’t wait to see the flimsy next week -maybe?! ~smile~ Roseanne

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