UFO Pre-Mystery Challenge

Wow…We’ve had so many people working along with us on the UFO Challenge.  It’s such a please to be sewing with all of you.  Here we are on the home stretch just days away from when the new mystery begins.

You might remember I finished my Celtic Solstice and moved on to Wild Child.  I’ve been head over heals in love with Wild Child.  Last week I ended up in a little trouble as I turned a few of my white background blocks.  I ended up making the 10 blocks to replace them and got the center of the quilt sewn together…Wee-haw!!  I am so happy with the wonderful colors.  It just screams color and I love it…I love it lots.  I am really eager to keep working on this.


The problem…I am now on border patrol.  I am using the the wonderful floral print as the large outside border but the quilt suppose to have a small inner border.  What do you think?  Kelli says the pink polka dot….I like it too.  Maybe if it was a shade lighter it would be better….


I don’t know…chime in and tell me what you think.

We have one more week to finish up the challenge.  I know many of you are moving on to the mystery but a few of you expressed that you were taking time off over Thanksgiving and hoped to finish your project up….me, I want one more week because I really hope to finish this…I think I can..I think I can…I think I can!!!  I certainly WANT to.  There’s no way this quilt is falling into a UFO category.

Until next week…Happy Quilting.

39 thoughts on “UFO Pre-Mystery Challenge”

  1. I like the green polka dots the best, I think the two blue-ish fabrics blend in too much. I know it will look great whichever one you use.

  2. I like the pink, too, but I think you’re right in that it’s a little too dark pink. what abou back to frame it out? there is black in your blocks and border, and that would really set it off. maybe even a black polka dot?

  3. I like the green dot one or a solid like color with the orange from the flower in the border fabric. Just think it needs a more solid looking inner border. Please gift to me when complete-absolutely love it as I love the bright colors and the turquoise! lol! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Of the fabrics shown, I like the green polka dot, but I see the merit of a small, solid border. However, black might be too strong for an already strong quilt.

  5. So colorful! Love it! I kind of like the idea of a neutral inner border but I’m sure whatever you choose will be great! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. Enjoy!!!

  6. I like the pink or green dots for the border. I am tacking the binding down on my Grand Illusion. 2 sides down, 2 to go.

  7. I like the green polka dot best but I also think a narrow black would work. Beautiful job. Now you’ve added another to my bucket list! Happy thanksgiving to all your family!

  8. I like both the pink and green but might prefer the pink IF it was a bit narrower. Then it wouldn’t stand out quite as much as it did in the picture. I’m not usually a pink person but for some reason I really like it here.

  9. contrary to what others think, I personally would choose the darkest colour in the border print and try that, I mean the dark purplely/wine colour.. I think it would give the quilt a statement and highlight it. Just my thoughts is all!

  10. As for a place for the eye to rest, the bottom blue does the same. I think you have strong piecing and a strong border, so my opinion is a softer, blending border for the inner border. Tumalo Trail will be a top by the end of the weekend. . .5 days in a row off and I only have to mix up a pink fluff salad for tomorrow. YIPPPEEEEE for sewing time!!!

  11. Green polka dots. The blues are well, too much blue and lack distinction between the blue blocks and the border and the pink is a bit too vibrant, but the green feels just right. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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  13. Kristy Wilkinson

    Jo- I like the scrappy look for the border. What if you used all of the prints you are showing in a narrow border? Love the middle of the quilt. So glad you got it together. Can’t wait until Friday for the new mystery to start! K-

  14. I actually like the green as it contrasts so well with the blue fabric in your blocks. Of course, I am color theory challenged (lol!).

  15. If it were me, I’d use black with white polka-dots. I love about everything you make, so I know you’ll make it look great. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  16. This quilt is so busy with all the beautiful fabrics/colors AND the Kaffe border fabric…I think it needs a place for the eye to rest in the small inner border. I actually prefer either of the two fabrics on top and bottom of the pink, if those are the only options. A solid or reads-as-solid would allow the blocks and the border to pop.

  17. I like that green polka dot best….why? Because I love GREEN, and it picks up the green in the border fabric, and it doesn’t fight with the reds, and it is perky and more neutral. Was that a sell? Whatever you choose, it will be wonderful, as always.

  18. I actually think the green polka dots are better. I like how it brings out the green in the border floral. Also, there is already a lot of red and pink in the quilt body. Just one gal’s opinion :)

  19. If I had to pick from the choices you’ve shown, I would go with the green dot. But I agree with some of the others that a narrow black border would make things pop. I would go with black. Not a lot of it, just enough to make your eyes stop before hitting the floral border.

  20. Working so much lately I am a little late throwing in my two cents worth, but I think a more solid or tone on tone green, pink or even the orange. I did this wild thing several years ago but with a single fabric in the center, different in each block. I always thought of it as a beach quilt because it was so sunny and happy. Happy Thanksgiving

  21. I like the pink. Maybe something like a dark brown (or whatever the background color is in the border)? Sometimes a dark small border makes a nice frame around the quilt center. Just my 2 cents worth . . .

  22. While I LOVE polka dots, this pink one shouts out “Look At Me, I want everyone to LOOK AT ME” and I think your eye would go to that border all the way around. I absolutely love that outer border you chose (Kaffe?) and the pink overwhelms it. The green polka dot says that it is a definite player in this game, but lets that gorgeous outer border speak as well. The colors of the green polka dot complement the colors in the outer border and they all play together without vying for attention! Love seeing how everyone in quilt land chooses their fabrics. All so different and so many different ideas out there. And it all boils down to What Do You (as the maker) Like Best?

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