UFO Parade

Updated on May 29th!  I finished two quilts on the list!!

I started the year determined to work on UFO’s.  I have done this for the last two years but as the year wore on and garden and lawn work kicked in, my determination waned.  I started playing along with Country Threads UFO project.  Each month they pick a number and we try to finish that numbered quilt.  I made TWO lists with the hope that I would finish the designated quilt on the first list and start the quilt on the second list.  That was a good theory but hasn’t worked every month.

Here are the three UFO’s I’d like to keep at the top of the list…

Hand Me Downs…This is finished now. You can see it here.
Cactus Patch…This is now finished.  You can see it here.
Odds and Ends…
If you look at the list, many of the quilts have a “P” in front of them.  That means progress has been made on those quilts since the beginning of the year so there is actually a lot more happening than it looks like.  Quilts that say “ready to quilt” means that they have a backing together and are ready for the quilting machine.

This year I am trying to keep my momentum so when Judy of Patchwork Times suggested having a UFO parade today, I jumped in.

Here’s my list from the beginning of the year that has been updated:
Perkiomen Daydreams-1-Ready to Quilt
P-Perkiomen Daydreams-2-Half Flimsy
P-A block of the month
P-Star Quilt-Ready to Quilt
Nine in the Middle Finish in January
TumblerFinished  in March
P-Blue Ridge Beauty-Ready to Quilt
Criss Cross ApplesauceFinished in April
P-American Patchwork and Quilting Quilt-Odds & Ends
Cactus PatchFinished in May
P-Wool Project-A Gentle Life
Wool Project-Christmas

Uptown Girl
Pineapple Blossoms Finished in January
Stars over Shallot
Rectangle Wrangle
P-Blue Skies
Turkey Tracks
Smith Mountain Morning
Virginia Bound
Hand me DownsFinished in April
Hawaiian Sunset
Pineapple Crazy
Tribute to Judy

I have since made another list of forgotten or found  projects.
Hip to Be SquareFinished in April
Heart of the Prairie-Add borders
3 Charity QuiltsFinished in April
2 Charity QuiltsFinished in May
New Maverick Star Quilt
String Geese
Baby Star Quilt

I do have to admit that I haven’t started many new projects this year.  That is something that I am proud of!!  I have been so tempted by all of the awesome Scrappy  Trips Around the World quilts and all the Barn Quilt blocks that I have seen but so…not many new projects.  I’ll admit, I did cave and start Bonnie’s Lazy Sunday Mystery featured in Quiltmaker…all in all, that’s not too bad for me.

Before I start working on those UFO’s, it’s time for me to stop and clean the sewing room…UGH.

UFO-QuiltroomIt’s really bad….UGH.

13 thoughts on “UFO Parade”

  1. I have been cutting down on my starts too. January 1 was when I started my big push to finish. Seeing everything in photos has helped me stay focused. I’m glad someone else has a messy studio also. In my mind creative = messy.

  2. I need to jump on the train with this. I do not have as many ufo’s as you but I do have more than I would like. I will make a list today . I have some curtains to make for my sewing space so I can start tackling the ufos after that. The quilts you are making are gorgeous. I think it is Bonnie’s fault for having so many lovely quilt patterns. lol x

  3. Jo…you’ve done a great job not starting new projects this year..wish I could say the same. But I have to tell you that I’ve finished lots of quilts in the last two years but two of them, Odds and Ends and Blue Ridge Beauty, are both finished thanks to you. I love them both and I wouldn’t have even made them, let alone finish them, if I hadn’t seen them on your blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. I need to finish more UFOs and not start new projects for a while. I know the part of quilting I like best is design, color choices, fabric selection, beginning the blocks, but get bogged down in doing the borders. I started noticing the type of quilts I do finish and try to make more along those lines which keeps me motivated. I’m so impressed that you’d showed us your sewing room. It is sooo much cleaning than mine! :)

  5. i love your list! there’s some really great quilts on there. not sure how i missed that cover quilt from AP&Q the first time, but i really love your blocks.

  6. It’s so hard not to start something new… I think I will give myself permission to work on a new project ONLY after three UFOs have been finished – and by finished, I mean a completed top. Who has time for quilting? LOL

  7. It’s so hard not to start something new… I think I will give myself permission to work on a new project ONLY after three UFOs have been finished – and by finished, I mean a completed top. Who has time for quilting? LOL

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