UFO Inspiration!!

So the other day on Facebook Bonnie Hunter showed the new cover of her new book…I’m in love already.

I really don’t even need to see the inside to know I am buying the book.  The quilt on the front cover is enough for me to know I’ll love it.

I ended up over and C&T Publishing to see if they listed the release date.  September 19th is what they are listing for a release date.  That’s a little over 5 months away.  Hmm…five months.

That sounds like a challenge is in order….oh-oh…UFO’s (unfinished projects)….It’s time for you to come out and play.  It’s time for you to get done.  It’s time for me to make some space for some new projects that will be coming from this book.

Anyone else feeling the same pull??  How about we start working on UFOs and share progress here on Wednesdays.  I’ll put up a linky party….you can share your link to your blog…or tell your progress in the comment section.  I will help us all stay focused.  I know summer is busy and some weeks there won’t be a lot of progress…but hey, if we could get one or even two quilts done in that time that would clear some space for some new projects to start.

We’ll all celebrate each other’s progress.  We’ll cheer each other on.  I have LOTS of Bonnie quilts to sew so my focus will be on completing Bonnie quilts but you can do whatever you want….make it your own challenge if you like.  I just know for me, I want some UFOs cleaned so I can have some guilt free sewing with the new book.

If you need more motivation, check out this link to C&T Publishing.  There they show a quilt backing AND they show THREE more quilts that are in the book.  I know seeing the Moth in the Window quilt made from shirts  is making me super excited!!  It’s just the push I needed to get back at cutting up my shirts.

Find me back here next Wednesday with some UFO progress….I think I’ll just start with a listing of my Bonnie quilts that are started or at least cut out.

18 thoughts on “UFO Inspiration!!”

  1. Hi Jo,

    Hope you are starting to feel better with each passing day.
    I would love to do the UFO challenge. I’m sure I can find a few things to work on.
    I need to finish up an old BOM that is in progress and then move on to Celtic Solstice. Some blocks are made, but some are still in pieces.
    Thanks for hosting this.

  2. Jo I hope you are feeling a bit better each day!
    Thanks for the C&T link. I was trilled to see Carolina Chain as one of the quilts! I just finished the top and took it to the long arm quilter last week. It is a graduation gift for our grandson. I started it as a leader ender and as Bonnie says suddenly I had a quilt!

    I love your idea of a UFO challenge. I have a couple of Bonnine Hunter quilts in progress. Count me in!

  3. I’ll join the challenge, but won’t be buying the book. Very disappointed to see that there was nothing new in it. Just a rehash of all “Addicted to Scraps” Quiltmaker column blocks. Already have the magazines so don’t need to spend money on the book. More money for other stuff that way.

  4. I’m up for the challenge. Packing up and moving reinforced just how many unfinished projects I have. And since my cutting table isn’t set up yet, time to work on ones already cut and half sewn.

  5. Cheryl regan

    If you order direct from Bonnie at quiltville, then you’ll get an autographed copy. Order right before release date. She will send them out as she has an order already.

  6. Atellaire. Cut out, got stuck after I realized my 1/4″ seam wasn’t right. Now I am up for the challenge. Hope you are resting a bit, Jo. You deserve it.

  7. Well, I going to take up the challenge. I so need to get back into the UFO’s and get them done. I started a Mario quilt to hang on the wall for my grandsons and other things keeps popping up to keep me from working on it. So now I’m determined to get it finished and move on. These 1″ squares are going to be toast from this point on! Lots of bags and project containers sitting there waiting to be finished! I’m ready, let’s do this!

  8. I was wondering if the instructions in Bonnie Hunter’s books are written the way Bonnie cuts out a quilt or the way the publisher’s what you to cut it out. Don’t have any of her books, but love the scrappy’nus of all of them. Thanks.

    1. Books are written by the authors. This will all be Bonnie’s style. I happen to know she has the same editor this time too…(same one we had too) so it will be in Bonnie style!! Yahoo…right?!@?!?!

  9. I took a gander at the link you provided. The cover alone sells the book. But, I am also loving the third and fourth image (quilts) provided at the link. I am adding this book to my wish list!

  10. I AM IN!!! I have the binding to sew on Pineapple Blossom tonight! I have a bet with my mom about who can finish 6 Bonnie quilts between now and the new book. We are tied at 1 right now. The person who doesn’t finish 6 has to buy the new book for the other AND cough up a shoebox full of scraps! :) My Bonnie UFO number is pretty huge, so I am happy to have some motivation to move forward!

  11. Anne Deedrick

    I’m in for the challenge! I have tons of UFO’s – not too many Bonnie quilts, but I hope to at least conquer a few projects that have been going for too long. I’m on a mission to get my Tumalo Trail quilt done – hopefully by the end of May?? Nell, Good Luck with your 6 quilts!!

  12. I’m in–I’ve got two Bonnies and a donation to quilt. I’m also working on one of my own design. I counted today and I need ten more string blocks to finish up units and begin assembly.

  13. Count me in as well. I have a Celtic Solstice flimsy to quilt, and many L&E projects of Bonnie’s designs that I would like to get moving along. I think Moth in a Window will be first priority, as I would like to make lap quilts for my two sons-in-law who are so fantastic to me!

  14. I’m in also. I have a ton of UFOs that I’d love to work on. I’ll be looking forward to following along and checking on everyone’s progress – although, even with your cancer battle, you are accomplishing more than I do in a year. I hope you are feeling better. BTW, we have a little over 4 months, not 5. Game on.

  15. I actually have a UFO list I’m currently trying to make progress on, so I will definitely join in on the linky party. (Spell check keeps changing linky to kinky, which I will definitely NOT be joining, LOL.) I’m so glad you’re feeling good enough to be thinking about finishing up UFO’s.

  16. I have many UFOs so I will join. Hopefully, this will give me the incentive to get some of them done. I hope you feel much better soon.

  17. I’ll join in! Right now I’m cutting fabrics for the 2 top priority projects I’m taking to a retreat next weekend. I’ve got 6 projects on the take-to-retreat list and want to add more, but I keep reminding myself that I’m only there for 48 hours and there will be breaks for eating and sleeping.

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