UFO Finish: Winston Ways

It was a long time coming…but it happened.  Winston Ways is finished.

If you’re a Bonnie Hunter fan you likely remember that years ago she featured this block in Quiltmaker’s 100 Block magazine.  I wanted to start making the blocks immediately but didn’t.  I figured I’d wait and see if Bonnie ended up using the blocks in a quilt…and sure enough, she did.  The block went on to become the quilt Winston Ways and is featured in her book More Leaders and Enders.

At the the time the book came out I grabbed my 1 1/2″ string box and pulled everything that was red and neutral thinking that one day, when I needed a new project, I’d be able to grab and start making four patches.  Well at the time of my foot surgery, that finally happened.  I needed a project that I could sit at the sewing machine and/or ironing board for a long time.  Well this was the perfect project.

It sat again for a bit but then slowly I started working on it and once I saw one block finished, it was ALL SYSTEMS GO!  I was in love with the quilt.  Happily, I still am.

The bad part about finishing quilts in the winter and only having the camera that I have, pictures aren’t the best….


I turned on all of the lights that I could.


This is the backing I picked….It happens to be the same fabric as the outer border fabric.  That fabric is PERFECT for this quilt.  It’s a wonderful mix of dark blue, lighter blue and black…just what the quilt needs.  I got it at Whittle Fabrics online.  Best of all…$5 a yard!


When I was first assembling the blocks I thought I had made an error in fabric selection as there wasn’t as stark of a difference between the blue and the black in the blocks but it’s okay.  If I were to do it again, I think I would go with more of teal than a blue for the star points.


It’s a good thing that four patches are my favorite unit EVER!  Nothing beats a quilt with four patches.

Ruby likes it too…


Thanks for another awesome pattern Bonnie….Keep designing scrappy and with four patches, I’ll forever be your fan.

By the way…for stats purposes.  I did enlarge this from the original pattern.  I made another row….you know me, I like my quilts bigger.

Today we’re hooking up Crazy Mom Quilts.

15 thoughts on “UFO Finish: Winston Ways”

  1. lovely quilt – this is one of Bonnie’s quilts that is on my list to make – of course I have a rather long list I wonder if it will ever get done.

  2. I have made the oversized one of Winston Ways that came out in a Quilts from 100 blocks as a baby gift more than once. I am working on this UFO list, but this one is high on the list of want to makes. . .I love yours!

  3. Congratulations! Your Winston Ways looks great!

    This quilt has been on my ‘to make’ list for a while. I love the red, white and blue color combination, but I already have 3 red, white and blue quilts in the works. Maybe I should chose different colors.

  4. There is something so cheery about the red and white combination. With the red and white, this could be a Christmas quilt, and because there is some blue – it could be a Fourth of July quilt. So really – just leave it out year round. Another great job of quilt making!!

  5. Your quilt turned out great, Jo. It’s another one that’s on my list to make.

    You got your backing at a good price…always important when buying backing. I was digging around in a tub of backing materials today and found some from a $2.99 a yd. Alco sale…maybe their store closing sale, I really don’t remember. Nice fabric too. I miss Alco!

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