UFO Decisions: Tribute to Judie

I’ve told you a few time this month that I am trying to tackle my sewing room.  It seems a little tedious in the method that I’m using but it’s working for me and that’s all I care about.  In the past I’ve opened the UFO cabinet, I’ve said -Yep, those are the UFO’s..and moved on.

This time around I’m going through everything.  I am asking, “Are you REALLY ever going to finish this or is this just a dream?”

It doesn’t bother me to part with things as much as it used to.  I think there are several reasons why…
1-Money isn’t as tight as it used to be
2-I have a whole network of people who are willing to finish UFO’s and pass them on to charity.
3-I have a STRONG desire to take control of my space.

Over the next while (however long it takes) I’m tackling that UFO cabinet and asking the hard questions and then if I decide to keep it, I’m going to see what the project needs that might move it along or what might make the project more desirable to grab the next time I’m in need of a project.

Today’s project:  Tribute to Judie

This is likely one of my oldest UFO’s.  I I started it a LONG time ago.  Seeing this photo is what enticed me to want to make it.

Oh I loved it and the happy news is that I still love it.  I knew immediately that this is a project I want to keep and find room for.

I looked and figured out that I started this back in February of 2010.  Oh my.  It’s almost nine years old.

So where am I at and what can I do to get me willing to grab this project?
Well…the project at some point and time must have gotten tipped over because pieces are everywhere and not matched.  I know if it’s like this, I won’t grab it.

So after a little sorting… I found out I have 24 finished and need 180 if I make at at the suggested size which is only a throw.

At this point, I’m okay if I only make it throw sized.

I think this stalled out for me because making those tiny stars was a little more than my quilting abilities at the time could handle.  I remember being so stressed to make them.  Now days, my piecing abilities have improved and I’m not worried about making them at all.

So I matched up everything using these cute little clips a blog reader sent me.  The ones in the photo below didn’t have all the pieces I needed to complete the blocks so I found some background scraps and cut enough to work with these.

I didn’t cut the entire quilt out but I did cut out about 50 blocks.

That’s enough for now…let’s see if I actually tackle them or if I let them sit for another nine years.  At least now, if the mood strikes I can grab this and get sewing on the blocks.

This took me one nap time or about 45 minutes to organize.  I feel so much better about it.  I don’t feel the terrible UFO guilt about it.  I feel like this is a project that is there.  It’s a project I hope to get to and it has earned a spot so it can be in my UFO cabinet.

Ah…one down.  About 12 or so more UFO’s to go.  (that’s not counting the completed quilt tops)  More on them another day.

Feel free to join in with me and make some sense out of your UFO storage area too.

15 thoughts on “UFO Decisions: Tribute to Judie”

  1. As I was de-stashing, I ran across some squares, that I sewed together and added some of my other fabric to make a quilt top for a local charity. I also found 2 UFO’s from years ago. I sent one to Ronda to either finish or just use the fabric any way she wanted and I’ve been working on the other to finish the top and then send that on to Ronda. I’m not done de-stashing, but I’m working on it slowly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Twelve UFOs doesn’t sound too bad… I probably have more than that, but every year I challenge the members of the quilt group I belong to – to list 5 UFOs to complete every year. At the beginning of the year, we (those who wish to participate – and then there are always those ‘weirdos’ who don’t have UFOs lol) each list 5 UFOs on an envelope, along with 5 dollar bills in the envelope. As the projects get completed they are brought to the group and celebrated as a completed project! The participant gets $1 back from their envelope for every project completed and their name goes in a drawing for every completed project as well. In December we draw a name and the winner of the drawing gets what ever money is left in the envelopes from the unfinished projects. As a group, we have always finished at least 50% of the listed projects and personally over 4 years I have finished 17 out of 20. For me it just provides a little focus, a little challenge. And then there is the commitment of putting my challenge in writing lol!

  3. Being rather new to this whole quilting scene, I don’t have quilt ufos, unless we count what I’m trying to finish before Xmas. Now as for knitting/ crochet/ crosstitch ufos….. that’s another story lol. I like your line of reasoning in getting a handle on the situation. I could use it to evaluate what I have stashed and waiting.

  4. I understand the need to take control of your space…I’ve been trying to do that too. I my case it’s reassessing books, magazines and patterns. I love what you said about is it real or just a dream. My goal for 2019 is to only keep things I will REALLY use and make…..Wish me luck.. and a very Happy Christmas to you and your family …I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog this year ..a fan from Ontario, Canada……Janet

  5. I think this is great!! Just looking at each UFO and deciding how much you like it shows you what the next step is: Keep and Work on it or Pass Along to someone else. No need to worry about what size container you’re going to fill. That will happen when you finish looking at the whole pile. It might be a lot smaller by then…
    Come to think of it, I have some Christmas UFOs I could look over. Thanks for the tip, Jo!

  6. I have two containers of quilts in various stages. My goal for 2019 is to finish as many as possible so I will have a supply of “blessings quilts” ready to be distributed.

  7. When I glanced at the title of this post, my mind read “Tribute to Jody” … I think it needs a name change! It’s going to be beautiful.

  8. Jo, I like how you tackle projects in bite-sized chunks of time around your child care schedule and your busy life. You seem to accomplish so much. I’m having such a hard time with doing this. I think I have to get organized before I can work this way — and I WANT to work this way. But where to begin? Do I sort my fabrics first? (not scraps … I have bins with drawers sorted using Bonnie K Hunter’s ‘scrap users system for my scraps) I’ve got lots of fabric I’ve been sorting by folding to fit in my cabinets. Smaller yardage on magazine boards, and fat quarters folded neatly in baskets in same cabinets. I’ve got fabric sorted by colors or by seasons in clear containers … I probably have 12 UFO’s also. Some flimsies, some in various stages of completion. The UFO’s are each sorted and in their own container. The flimsies are in a stack. I need backs and bindings so I can have them ready to drop them off for my daughter to longarm … I make my quilts like a runner running in a marathon. Keep on stitching till I get ‘er done! I finished my latest flimsie top over a week ago but haven’t been able to get started on the next one. Like a deer in the headlights I think of so many unfinished quilts I have, all the fabric I should be organizing & end up not doing anything productive. Im retired so I have so much more time. I have to set my mind on following through! Jo I really enjoy your blog. You inspire me! Thank you!

  9. I know what you mean about feeling the pressure is off regarding that particular UFO now you have tackled sorting out the messy box and getting some blocks ready to sew when you have an opportunity. I feel the same way if I sort out a project and get it to a ready-to-sew stage. Keep on with the good work, Jo!

  10. Oh, I wish I only had 12 UFO’s right now. I’m at 20… but most of them are either ready to quilt, ready to baste, or ready to sew the blocks together… I say I love the quilting part of it, and I do, but I’m always stuck on what to quilt.. I’m a optimizer… I want the best possible outcome, so I’m worried about doing it one way, and then wishing I’d gone a different direction. Hoping to get a few more quilted before the end of the year, so I can mark them off my list and start 2019 in a better position.. I also have 2(for sure) that I want to pass along for someone to finish for charity… I just don’t have it in me…

  11. I recently discovered a Fons and Porter BOM from 1999 in my stash. I was tempted to steal the fabrics for something else, but it is a really lovely star quilt that I still love. So nearly 20 years later, I’ve started it! I’m using it as a leader-ender project, so maybe I’ll get it finished in the next couple of years. :)

  12. Hi Jo!
    Sorting through UFO’s is my number one thing for this next year. Have the same idea – sort, decide what to finish, donate the rest. I want to be able to start a totally new project with no guilt about what is waiting for me in the closet. It will be interesting to see how this goes and where I am at this time next year. Did I “get er done”? Time will tell – – Good luck with yours!

  13. If you decide to pass on this, please send to me. I need to see if I can still buy this pattern, I LOVE ❤️ this quilt!

  14. Virginia Grenier

    I see safety pins. Might want to consider getting more of the clips because if it does sit too long those pins may rust and ruin the fabric (take a wild guess as to how I know this!). Just a thought to consider. I’ve seen some people baste stitch pieces together – kinda tedious but it won’t rust.

    Clearbrook MN

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