UFO Challenge Update

When I last left you I was trying to decide what to do with my Rick Rack Nines quilt.


I read through all the comments…I debated on my own.  I finally came to the conclusion that I am going to quilt it as is-no borders.  I measured it and it was 88″ x 99″.  That’s big enough.  It’s going to be a wedding present and I think it will be just fine.

That means that this quilt needs to get moved over to the “to be quilted” pile.  I’ll need to see what’s around to use for backing.  I’m not apposed to piecing something together..what yet, no idea.

I did move on and start working on Rectangle Wrangle….

I am still at the very beginning stage.  I most of the strip sets sewn together.  I have this basket on the counter and will work over nap time through out the week if every one sleeps on cutting these into strips.  I went I found my binding clips and hope to clip the sets together as I go.

It’s not much to sew that’s new or fun but it’s the progress I have to show.

Did you see that Jingle Bell Square is on the quilting frame too?



I’m writing this Tuesday evening and have plans that once I finish writing the post that I’ll go up and finish the quilt.  Yahoo.  I can’t wait!  I’ve wanted to finish this for a long time…next up binding.  Do I dare hope that I’ll have it bound and finished for next week?  Fingers crossed.

See you right back here next week.

8 thoughts on “UFO Challenge Update”

  1. Saw your quilt in the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Showed it to my husband,”Wow, that was a lot of work!” Was his response. Great to see your work recognized nationally.

  2. Looking at your pin cushion, I see a very precise and orderly person.
    Mine look like pins exploding into space. Not one straight line. Now I understand how you juggle the zillion of things you do every day.

  3. Love your Jingle Bell Square. And of course the Rick Rack Nines too. Recently you said you were going to do a tutorial on how you bind your quilts completely by machine. Did I miss it or is it still in the future? I would love to see it as binding is my downfall. I currently have seven quilts just waiting for the binding.

  4. Does getting sewing room de-cluttered count? Like I am done clearing out! Ha! Deadline is next Tuesday at noon. . .mom is coming to inspect it! That’s my motivation to get the job done. Better get out the crockpot and throw some meals together, so I can get done. Scrap vortex took over sewing room and UFO list.

  5. Andresa / AndiRae in MN

    No sewing has been done since last week, just cutting and ironing. But that’s kind of okay as I’ll be doing a quilter’s day out on Friday. Lots of sewing then.

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