UFO Challenge Update

If you’ve been watching my blog posts for the UFO challenge you can see that I’ve been having trouble concentrating on one project.  It’s so true.  I’ve been flipping around like crazy.  That’s bad in that I haven’t gotten projects finished but good in that so many of them are progressing along.

Well believe it or not, I started working on a different UFO…I know, I know, I have others that I’ve recently dragged out that I should finish…but alas.

This happened.


WOW…right?!  This is Santa Fe String

When you last saw this it looked like this
all boxed up.  I had all of the diamonds finished.  I needed to sew them together.


I had let the project sit because I was a little nervous about sewing the diamonds together and sewing them all into a star.

Well, that part is over.  Am I awful to admit that I’m starting to get nervous about sewing the back ground pieces into place.


Oh well…I’m leaving that part for another day.  I’m going to challenge myself into finishing up the borders first.  When I last left them I was leader and ending them as I sewed other projects.  I’m not done with all of the flying geese but getting the borders finished for next week is a reasonable goal.

How are you doing?

Tune in next week…will I actually stay working on Santa Fe Star or will I end up working on a different UFO??  I am getting a little frustrated with myself.  I hope I can stick with one project!

11 thoughts on “UFO Challenge Update”

  1. Love it, can’t wait to see it finished. This one is on my ‘bucket list’.
    Love your beagles too….

  2. The star is terrific.
    I’m still plugging away on Celtic Solstice. I didn’t realize how much left to do on it, but making good progress with units to turn into blocks.

  3. I haven’t done much on anything for about a month, and that was sewing 5 rows of blocks! At last count, I think I’m working on at least 10 Bonnie quilts! I just don’t have the variety I want in my scraps, so I work on several at a time so I can spread the scraps I do have around. Well, two of the Bonnie quilts have deadlines, so they have priority, and one has all the blocks done.

  4. Anne Deedrick

    I’m still working on Tumalo trails – in between having lots of company stay with us. Oh well, one bite at a time

  5. I have one more block to finish on my pink and yellow Scrappy Trips Around the World! I am so excited that I am almost finished. Then I can start putting the rows together. It is true that the closer you get to the end, the more you want to work on it!! I see the end in sight!!

  6. Haven’t done much this week. I have been busy getting everything ready so that we can leave in the morning for my son’s wedding in Idaho. I did sew one pineapple block the other night. :)

  7. Just finished machine quilting my Naragansett Blues.Now to decide on binding fabric. I got my Kiss in the Corner pressed and ready for borders. I started that one at the Oelwein retreat. Am piecing Garden Party. Still a long way to go on that one.

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