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From now until Bonnie Hunter’s new book comes out in September you’ll find me right here on Wednesdays sharing my progress on a UFO (unfinished project).  My hope is to get some finished so I won’t feel guilty sewing on new projects from her new book.  It’s not to late to join in the fun.  You can find my first post about it here.  You can see my listing of all my Bonnie Hunter UFOs here.

When I left you last week I was here working on my Rick Rack Nines….. The quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s Adventures with Leaders and Enders.


I was waiting for Kelli to bring the 2″ bucket back so I could make the pieced setting triangles.

This week…after much lamentations, I am here….Not bad right??? (sorry it was already dark when I took the picture)


Can I made a confession here?  I HATED sewing this top together.  I don’t like sewing diagonal settings.  I don’t like it at all.  But…it’s done.

Admittedly, Kelli helped.  She was home on Monday for a sewing afternoon.  I whined about it so much that she got sick of it and helped sew three rows together.

I’ve been through my fabric and although I have an assortment of fabric, I don’t have anything for the borders.  I know people all the time say that they don’t have fabric for the borders simply because they want to purchase more fabric.  I honestly had nothing for the borders.  I only ever buy fat quarters, 1/4 or 1/2 yard cuts.  I need a larger piece…I just don’t have it.  I ended up ordering something from Whittles that I hope will work.  If not, I’ll take it into the quilts shop and see if I can find something I like.

…but as I look at it I wonder…Do I even want borders on it?  Maybe not borders is just fine.

In the meantime, that is set aside and this is coming out to play for a bit.


This is Rectangle Wrangle.  It is from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails II.  This is the only block I have done.  I started sewing the strips together leader and ender style but I haven’t decided if I am going to jump into this with two feet or just let it hang out leader and ender style.  So far…I’m in love!!

I would love some advice on whether I should add borders on the Rick Rack Nines.  I am thinking it will be a wedding quilt.  If I don’t put borders on it, then the quilts doesn’t have a “color” and can match any room.  If I put a blue border on, then it won’t looks good in a “green” room….what do you think…border?  no border?

See you back here next week when I tell you what I ended up sewing on…the Rectangle Wrangle or something else…any votes?

25 thoughts on “UFO Challenge Progress”

  1. Donna wilhelm

    I wanna know why your book is spiral bound!!! The 2 books I just ordered from Bonnie aren’t spiral bound :-(

  2. If the rick rack is big enough it is fine with no border. There is plenty going on in that quilt to stand on it’s own. My only concern since it is a wedding gift is that it be big.

  3. I don’t think the RR9 needs any border. I really loved sewing up my Rectangle Wrangle. So much that I cut out another kit to start it in red white and blue with blue being the accent stripe. I got your box and have already ironed and cut out half of it. Got good 2.5 inch strips from half the yokes and maybe another Rectangle Wrangle and the rest will be 2 inch squares for either BH’s leaders and enders.

  4. Truly amazing how you find time! love the quilt. I would put a border fabric that is meant for borders and miter them (well maybe I wouldn’t lots of work ,, but it would be so pretty! )

  5. I was going to suggest a keyboard border done with the fabrics that are the neutral blocks-maybe shirting fabrics. -keeping with the scrapyness. Then maybe a dark binding? Just a thought

  6. Great way to use up scraps! I’d probably add a border even though it looks fine without it because there are so many seams on the sides. If I were going to have it longarm quilted by someone else, I’d want to stitch around the quilt to lock all the seams, and if I’m going to do all that sewing anyway, I’d just add borders. I don’t like to put together diagonal settings either, but it seems like most of the mystery quilts I do are set that way.

  7. I did Rectangle Wrangle in Civil War fabrics with black as the diagonal strip and love it! I didn’t do the border Bonnie did. I did a narrow black border and than a print that I had used on the front. Calmed the quilt down.

  8. I don’t think I’d add borders. It looks great without them. On the comment about the spiral book, I take mine to a local printers shop in our town and have all my books spiraled. Sooo nice to lay the book out flat and not struggle keep it where I want it!

  9. I also have all my books spiral bound at a local print shop. I live in a small town in a very rural area and they only charge $3 a book to do it. Worth every penny!!
    As far as my progress, I have almost all of my blocks done on my pink Scrappy trips from Bonnie’s free patterns. This was cut out and started about 5 years ago and put in a tub. I am going to finish it. I have 34 blocks done. I had no idea how many blocks I even cut for but just started sewing.

  10. While I think it looks fine without a border, I have to admit my first thought was a scrappy neutral border where the seams to sew rectangles together meet in the middle of the neutral triangles. This would address Laura’s concern about locking the side seams plus it would help the quilt ‘float’ a bit more (and that DOES appeal to me).

    Regarding my UFO, I don’t think I’ve made any progress since last report. All good intentions to work on it over the holiday weekend, and I never even touched it. But I have plans to quilt tonight:
    …cut pieces for the next part of the UFO
    …maybe begin to sew the rows together that will make up the big blocks of the UFO, but the seams need to be ironed first
    …cut pieces for another quilt project that I’ll use as Leader Enders

  11. I am not a fan of borders. If you want it bigger, then something light and neutral. Toward cream rather than tan. Either scrappy or yardage.

  12. I vote for a border — perhaps in a neutral fabric. The lucky couple that receives this quilt as a wedding gift will surely treat it as a stand alone piece. It won’t need to match anything else because it will be the star wherever it is placed.

  13. I like borders, but usually don’t add them to my quilts. I don’t like to add them because they turn out wavy. As for diagonal settings, I don’t like to do those either. But it seems that I’m attracted to them more often than not. Your quilt looks great. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  14. I think it looks great without a border! I, personally, like scrappies without borders. I love your quilts and can’t imagine how you are so prolific and find the time to do all of them.

  15. If it were me, I would add a border. It’s hard for me to bind the edges and not chop off some of the triangle points, so I always use a border with that type design, even if it’s not a wide one. It’s a pretty quilt, whatever you decide.

  16. Must be my lucky day, All People Quit’s challenge number is 10. . .which is Grand Illusion! Better dig and see where I am and where I need to go.
    I like it without borders, but I also like them to be big enough.

  17. Hi Jo — I would add a dark brown border to finish off the quilt (if you’ve used civil war type fabrics and not brights). See how pretty is looks against the dark wood floor? I think brown would be a good neutral that would look good in most colored rooms. Just my 2 cents worth! :o)

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