UFO Challenge: Pineapple Crazy

I’m back to working on Pineapple Crazy this week.  I’m working on a couple UFOs all at the same time for a couple reasons:

1- Those pineapple blocks really are crazy and I get a little bored with them…and readers will too.
2-Both projects, Scrap Crystals and this one, are serving different purposes of my day right now.  If it’s nap time and I don’t have anything else to do, I’m ironing those half square triangles from Scrap Crystals!!  I’ll be at it for forever but that’s okay.  I love the PROCESS!!

So where am I at today with Pineapple Crazy?  Here!

The inside is finished….


That picture doesn’t do it justice at all..see it close…LOVE!!


So many of the scraps in here came from blog reader….especially Ila.  THANKS friends!!

I’m working on the outer border blocks now.  These….pineapple-Crazy-5

I have opted to do my own take on the pattern here.  The book suggested that there should be red triangles surrounding the center like in the picture below….I tried that but it wasn’t my favorite.  Then I tried whites there instead and liked that much better.  I think it mimics the Pineapple Blocks a little better.  I don’t mind the red either but…I’m opting to make them like the one in the above picture.

These outer blocks are MUCH faster than the center blocks…but still take some time.  I am going through and piecing the center section and then will go back and do the outsides.  I think it’s saving on messiness for me.  Right now I can mostly work with triangles and a few colored strips.  I don’t need neutral strips thrown into the mess now too!


Here’s where I am at…I need 60 but have 21 with the center finished.  YAHOO!!  That’s not too bad considering I’ve been leader and ending them in between things I HAVE to HAVE done and working on the blocks a couple evenings here and there.

Seeing these numbers has me starting to believe that this quilt just might get finished!  Dare I hope?  It’s been a LONG process. You can find me here next Wednesday with another UFO report.


5 thoughts on “UFO Challenge: Pineapple Crazy”

  1. I have made this quilt……….lots of work as you know but I love mine. For ME that pop of red makes a good outer border to separate that sea of other colors and tons of white. Makes it not quite as muddled looking. Enjoy the finish. It will be awhile before I tackle another Bonnie Hunter quilt though I love them. Exhausting.

  2. Wow, you are really making progress on this quilt. I have finally cut all the pieces for the braided border on my Bricks n Barnyard quilt. Since I enlarged the quilts size I also adapted the size of the border pieces and how many I will need.

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  4. It’s on my Quilt Bucket List to make a pineapple quilt – however, I think mine will be throw size – not Full or Queen size. Looks great Jo!

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