UFO Challenge: Pick Your Project

I’ve been busy sorting through UFOs.  Starting on Wednesday we’ll be hosting a “finish a UFO before Bonnie’s mystery quilt starts challenge”.  That means I need to wrestle out my UFOs and decided which one I’m working on.

I’ve done this for two years and both years I finished a quilt and worked on a second quilt and got quite a bit further along on a second project.  It’s been so nice to have the extra little push to finish something.

Your assignment for this week..pick a project then stop back here and share what you’re working on.  I am working on a Bonnie Hunter quilt but if you know me, that doesn’t really narrow it down very much as almost every quilt I have in UFO status is a Bonnie Hunter quilt.

I’ve decided it would be a little too easy to just load up my lozenge quilt top and finish it…


It might be too easy to pull my Garden Party top and finish that…The top is together and ironed now.  I need a backing though.  But again..a little too easy.


Hmm…I have Virginia Bound started…but not very far along.

I have some that I don’t even know if they completely classify as a UFO as I haven’t sewn a stitch of them…

Rectangle Wrangle


Blue Skies…


Texas Braid…


I had a blog reader send a Blue Ridge Beauty that’s half finished.  She didn’t love it anymore and passed it on.  Kelli and I thought it would make a great donation quilt so we saved it with the intention of finishing it.


This is Talkin’ Turkey and I think the string part of the quilt is finished but nothing else.  That might be a challenge.


I also have ALL of the projects that I started last December….

Cheddar Bow Ties….


Narragansett Blues…..

Four Patch X….

Rick Rack Nines….

Santa Fe String Star…..

Oh…and don’t forget my Pineapple Crazy.  That I’ll never be able to finish so I’m not trying that for sure.

Can you believe I have one more too.  It is the closest to completion not counting the finished quilt tops….so I think I should pick it….Grand Illusion.  I am hoping under this pile is some type of instructions….This might be interesting.  I know at one point I was trying to decide if I was going to leave it the way it was designed or play with it.  I guess that’s my job over the next week.  I’ll be making some decisions and getting this baby closer to finished.


Can I admit that I’m secretly hoping this will go together quickly and then I can move on to another one of the UFOs?  I have so many that I’d just love to see finished.

I have to say I do have a bit of an advantage over many people when it comes to UFO projects.  I love each and every one of mine.

So pick a project and come back here and link it up or write in the comment section what you’ll be working on.  Whoot-whoot!!  Just think….nine weeks of UFO sewing.  In nine weeks we can really make LOTS of progress.  Check in and share your progress each Wednesday.  Bonnie’s mystery typically starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  How about we have the final show of finished quilts here on December 2nd.  The Wednesday after the mystery starts.  That will give us all just a little extra time to put in the final stitches.

30 thoughts on “UFO Challenge: Pick Your Project”

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  2. I’m going to play along, even though at the moment the mystery quilt just doesn’t fit into my schedule this year. But I keep putting off finishing the quilt top because I’m not in love with my fabric choices, but I know they are perfect for the person who is getting this quilt.

  3. If it has to be a Bonnie, I’d work on Smith Mountain Morning. I can’t even get it out of the box for the next two weeks so that cuts my time down to 7 weeks and in that time I have to finish Christmas presents ….. I may be talking myself out of this … But I could make it my leader/ender and see how far I get …. Stay tuned!

  4. I was pretty proud of myself getting Grand Illusion done during the QAL! But I also worked on Orange Crush and it is pieced but not quilted! Oops!
    I have Midnight Flight half finished and I hope to get those two quilted prior to the new mystery!
    Of course these are only a few of my WIPs! Let’s not forget Celtic Solstice is finished and I have to decide how to tackle the quilting!! It is about 8 inches to big for my long arm! Not sure how to tackle that!! Any suggestions!?!?

  5. Ok, I’m in – I need to get Grand Illusion finished. It is almost finished, BUT while quilting it on my sit down Tiara, I had a bit of a mishap and I need to take out a bunch of stitching and requilt a portion of it. I was a bit aggravated when it happened so I folded it up and moved on. This is what I need to get it done!

  6. I am almost done with my GI, need to finish borders which do not match up in length. I think I cut wrong but will get creative and finally finish! Glad to hear others are still working on theirs.

  7. GI top is done but not yet quilted. I will work on Celtic Solstice which needs borders, then I need to work on Christmas gifts so I can be ready for the BH mystery.

  8. This is my year of finishing all the stuff that is hanging around! I have gotten a lot done. My rule is if you see it, finish it. Looks like the ocean waves is up , all the triangle’s are made so off to the design wall for me.
    Thanks for giving all of us just one more push.

  9. I have finally had my Orange Crush (remember that one! I think it was Bonnie’s 2nd mystery) quilted and it just needs the binding put on. Not a real hard to reach goal, but as busy as my life has become, it will be.

  10. YAHOO! Now to spend fall break figuring out what can be finished. I am ready to tack binding on Zuckerwatte and Fair and Square is ready to quilt, as is Boxy Stars. . .
    hmmm, that might feel like cheating. . .but maybe I had better look at piecing. . .LOVE reading the comments and checking other blogs to see what others are UFOing. . .

  11. Count me in! Right now I am working on a Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt from Carole at my Carolina Home blog and it has to be completely quilted and binding done by the end of October. Then I have two quilts sitting unfinished for Christmas presents from last year that will make wonderful Christmas presents this year so I will get them both out. It has been awhile since I have done one of Bonnies Mystery quilts but if time allows would love to do one. So definitely count me in. Will the link up be posted on Wensday or did I miss something? I will keep watching and reading posts!

  12. I guise ill have to blog again soon! I’ve been working on several projects, 2 are BB quilts of a Bonnie’s pattern. I would like to get it done by Friday.quilted and all.

  13. I’m working on Grand Illusion as I have been working on it for a week or so. I’m quilting it with diagonal lines and it’s taking forever as I only do about 5 -6 rows at a time.

  14. Deborah DeBerry

    What do you consider finished? I have my Grand Illusion pieced, quilted, squared up and only needs the binding.

  15. Sign me up! I have an Oklahoma Backroads quilt top that I’d like to get finish up–backing made, quilted, and bound. I also have a star struck that I’m working on–I’d like to finish the blocks and get it made into a top before I start the new mystery. Thanks for having this challenge again–hopefully it’s the push I need to finish these up!

  16. I have 16 blocks of BH’s Pineapple Blossom pattern finished in the 2-1/2” strip size that will make a lap- size quilt once I get the cornerstones, sashing, and borders on. If I can get that completely done by Thanksgiving, I’ll be happy. It’s not much, but I also have Christmas projects in the works!

  17. This came along at the perfect time — not so much to get ready for Bonnie’s mystery but to keep me on track for a project I’ve wanted to finish for awhile! I do love to go see Bonnie’s mysteries as they unfold though. I’ll be downloading the instructions to add yet another project for the “One Day” list! Just love her stuff!

  18. I have the top pieced for a quilt for my son. I need to piece the backing. He asked for a quilt about 4 years ago, so I want to get it finished by Thanksgiving. I also started Bonnie’s new quilt in Quiltmaker magazine last night. I have some Christmas wallhangings, but not a quilt for the couch. Not technically a UFO, but those are the two projects I will be working on til mystery time.

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