UFO Challenge for March….FINISHED

Welcome.  If you are here to see my Moda Bake Shop Project, Chain of Faith, follow this link…..If you’re here to check out my March UFO Challenge….read on.  I put the last couple stitches into the binding last night at 9:40 pm.  That is cutting things a little too close for me.


This is a free pattern from Judy over at Patchwork Times called Connect the Dots.  It was a mystery last year.  Technically this isn’t my #1 project.  I swapped them out as this is my son’s graduation quilt and as graduation day gets closer, I was feeling the need to get this one finished.  This was actually my project #3 so when that’s picked I guess I will do project #1.  It’s a fair swap.


My son is in love with the quilt.  He was squealing and thanking and thanking and squealing….I love it when someone is a good gift recipient.

These were all  Civil War prints from my stash.  I didn’t make the pattern as designed.  I skipped the borders and opted for more blocks.  I ran out of one green fabric but found a closes match.


Mine is ALL scrappy….the original pattern isn’t that way.  I made this a little out of proportion as the college my son is going to has super singles beds in the dorms….so he needs the length.  He needs the length anyway….he’s 6’4″.

As much as I love the front…he loves the back….a guitar novelty print.


It’s not a perfect match to the front as the colors aren’t as vibrant but….he requested a guitar quilt and this is the best fabric I found.  I’ve made him a Harry Potter and a music quilt….guitars is the current “fave” so guitars it is.  I bought the fabric for the back last fall at Gruber’s in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  That’s a must see quilt shop.

For quilting I used my favorite simple swirly….loopy design.


I used a variegated thread on the back….brown and aqua.  The front was a navy color.

I am so happy to finish this….I don’t know why it ended up in the UFO bucket.  I truly think it was just a timing thing.  To see more UFO finishes for March check out Patchwork Times.

23 thoughts on “UFO Challenge for March….FINISHED”

  1. Barbara Honey

    I thought yesterday’s quilt was great but today’s is spectacular!! I start my day with your blog and am never disappointed. Your story of your son liking the back reminded me of a quilt I made for my son for his 40th birthday. I used a backing of baseball players and baseballs as playing baseball had been a big part of his life and he was thrilled.
    Barb H

  2. I never in a million years would have recognised that pattern, though I’m familiar with it in Judy’s colors. I like yours better! It’s a great finish and your son is a lucky kid.

  3. Congratulations! What a great finish, and it looks beautiful. Sadly I’m only 2 for 3 (March let me down). Looking forward to seeing what you finish in April!

  4. Your son is a lucky, lucky young man–this is a treasure. Love, love all the scrappiness and the cool guitar fabric. My husband would love that guitar fabric too! Congrats on your UFO finish, and way ahead of time for the graduation.

  5. Beautiful quilt! And I love the backing. Sometimes it’s ok for the backing to be very different – makes for two “different” quilts, and the owner can show whichever side matches his or her current mood! Whoop whoop!!

  6. This is a great quilt – no wonder your son was so happy with it! You always choose some warm and comfy colors! How do you do that!

  7. It’s really a great quilt! Nice job finishing in time… mine was cut almost as close! You’re right about people being good gift receivers… my sister in law was the best!

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