UFO Challenge: Cheddar Bow Ties

Last week I told you that my Fair and Square quilt was a quilt top.  That means it’s time for me to move on to the next UFO….I don’t know if I am going to stay with this UFO but I did pull out Cheddar Bow Ties.

I started working on these long ago back when Bonnie Hunter first started these as a leader and ender challenge.  I made quite a few and then decided to wait it out and see how she was going to put these together in a quilt…well I waited and waited.


I had 273 done.  I thought I had done so well…that is a lot of stinking little bow ties.  BUT the pattern came out and I wasn’t even anywhere close to how many I needed. I was in shock to think I wasn’t even half way finished.  I ended out cutting out a lot more…


At this point I don’t know if I have enough cut out for the quilt, if I need to cut out more, if I planned to make it larger….I have no clue.  All I know is I have a lot more bow ties to make.

So…I started making them….Here’s how many I’m ready to add.


273 + 149 = 422.  Yahoo.  I am over half. I have only about 300 more to go.  That is do-able.

I’ve been sewing on them for 15 minutes here and there before bed or early in the morning before childcare.  That little bit of time has added up.  I still have a long way to go to get to the 729 blocks that I need.

You’ll find me back here next Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “UFO Challenge: Cheddar Bow Ties”

  1. Love those cheddar blocks, Jo!
    Since you asked, I started a new project also from Bonnie, called “Sugar Bowl”.
    Long ago I stocked up on 3 layer cakes and a Jelly Roll from the Moda line “Mistletoe Lane” by Bunny Hill.
    With fabric colors that reminded me of a soft and gentle Christmas with mugs of hot chocolate, candy canes, white frosted sugar cookies, sage green leaves for the savory stuffing, and soft pink marshmallows i was all set for a modern but sweet Christmas quilt.
    I’ll need 56 blocks for the quilt I’m making (my blocks are enlarged to 12.5 inches).
    I have 5 blocks made and the rest cut out and waiting to be sewn. These blocks are fun to make, easy to cut, they go together quickly, and enlarging the block size makes it a very Moda pre-cut friendly pattern to sew with very little waste involved.

    Happy sewing, Jo!

  2. I’m trying to finish up old projects. I finished all the pieces I was using for leader and enders, so what now?? I decided to look at my unfinished projects and see if I could easily use one of these as my new leader / ender. Bingo, success!! About a month ago, I had 26 projects waiting to be longarmed and 16 projects that I was working on to finish the tops. I’m now at 17 waiting for the longarm and 12 waiting to be tops. Of course, there are 11 sitting waiting for binding…. one step at a time. I love reading your blog, thanks so much for sharing with all of us in the quilting world.

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  4. Wish I was getting some of mine completed, still need to put my braided border on my Bricks n the Barnyard but I did finish the top of my Quartered Stripe quilt.

  5. Please post a picture, on your blog, of that beautiful pink quilt. I don’t have Instagram and it wouldn’t let me make a copy of the picture. I have a great granddaughter that would love this quilt. Thanks

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  7. My progress this week: I finished up a wall hanging that was actually a Row by Row pattern from a couple of years ago. I cut some binding for another quilt and I have made 16 more Hunter Star blocks. I also have a One Block Wonder on my design wall that I am trying to get arranged. My Cheddar Bow Tie flimsy is at 45 x 55. Not sure how I want to finish it. It has been a UFO for quite a while. Love your blog Jo.

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