UFO Challenge

First off I pulled out my Zuckerwatte quilts and was working on them so I have three UFOs heading towards a finish.  I wrote about the Zuckerwatte quilt yesterday.  Find that post here.

I am working on my Cheddar Bow Ties quilt too.  I pulled it out after I finished a few other things on the weekend when the girls came to sew.  After the addition of the blocks I got done last week I found I had 422 blocks.  I needed 729.  That means I was over half way done but still had a long way to go.

I sewed LOTS of it.  I didn’t really “want” to be sewing on this but this was a good “no brain sewing” project that I couldn’t really screw up while talking with my fellow quilters.  At a retreat it’s nice to get some sewing done but it’s also nice to visit and spend time with the girls.  This was a perfect project for me!

As I told you last week, when I pulled this UFO out I had no idea where I was with it.  So often I make quilts larger…so did I do that with this one?  I had no idea.  After LOTS of sewing I had 319 more blocks done which brought my count to 736!!  Yahoo.  I had enough.  I was so happy.  I was even dancing and singing…yep, I’m just a touch crazy.


Then I didn’t know what I should do after I got the blocks done.  I could have easily grabbed a different project but instead decided to keep on with the bow ties….Either Connie or Kelli suggested that I sew them into fours to make sewing the whole thing together more easy.  That’s what I did.


The only problem…the rows to make the quilt are 27 bow ties long.  That means I needed one twosie on every row.


I sure with I could say I finished the quilt…but I can’t.  Here’s how far I am.  

I am happy with the progress and am liking the project a lot.  I don’t have all of the rows sewn together yet.  I wanted to see what they were going to look like so (as is typical me) I jumped ahead and sewed a few rows together.

I already have all of the outer border segments sewn…I just need to sew them together now.  I think this might be a top next week.  Dare I hope.

Find me here next week…I’m hoping this is top!!

3 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

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  2. Other than the two tops I put together last weekend, I have not made progress on any UFOs. Hope to get to quilt over the weekend.

  3. I finished the two tops for a couple of baby quilts I was working on and now have pulled out my Alletierre. Finished all the clues and about to start building the blocks. Would be great to get the flimsy done before the next mystery starts!

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