UFO Challenge CHANGES!!

Hey all….I’ve worked and gotten myself into a bit of a rut.  I’m sure some of you can relate.  I’ve been regularly working on UFOs for over a year now.  I’ve done good and completed lots.  I do have more to do but not an amount that is bothering me.  What is bothering me is the new projects I’ve bought and not started.  What else that is bothering me is that there are things in the house I want to do….I have this mirror in the bathroom that is calling to me.

I bought the mirror at the thrift store when we were remodeling.  We were out of money and there was none left for a fancy mirror for the bathroom.  I ended up at the thrift store and this vintage mirror was there.  It was the wrong color…but the right price-  $2… and an okay style so I bought it.  Our intention was that we would replace it as soon as the money thing figured itself out…but we haven’t replaced it.  About two months ago when we were at Lowe’s I looked for what I thought would be my idea mirror.  Then after looking I realized I already had my perfect mirror….it was just the wrong color.  I need it to be white.  So my plan was to paint it…..but, things get in my way…things like needing to work on a UFO so that I have something to post for the UFO linky party on Wednesdays.  It looks terrible if I am the hostess but not participating in my own challenge.

I was lamenting about this to Hubby and he laughed.  He told me well change your challenge and don’t do a UFO.  I said, “Well some people still want to work on their UFOs”.  That’s when we figured out a way to do it all.  Keep reading and I’ll share the plan….I’m changing the UFO linky to a “Whatever (you want to share) Wednesday” linky party.  The best part about it is that you can work on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you like and this is your chance to show it off.  If you are a crocheter…show off your latest project.  If your daughter just won the spelling bee and you want to show off her award….share it.  As much as I love quilting, life is really about than quilting 24/7.  BUT if you are still wanting to work on your UFOs (and I will want to be some days) you can tell us about your UFO.

So no more excuses for me about not getting some of the things done I’ve been wanting to do.  After the mirror, I think I’m going to tackle a wool project that I have here….I’m so excited about the change.  I hope you are too.

9 thoughts on “UFO Challenge CHANGES!!”

  1. It works for me since the weather has turned nice staying inside to sew hasn’t been on my list. I have been weeding and working in the flower beds getting things cleaned up. I have mostly perennials but there are a few pots that need plants. Its looking great so far and only one small planter box to work on. Woo hoo! cant wait to see your mirror.

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  3. Last fall I resolved to make 17 quilts for my sister in law’s grandkids. This would accomplish 2 things, I thought. 1st, it would empty my drawers of fabric I wouldn’t need cuz I’m not a quilter (just wait for it). 2nd, I would give the quilts on behalf of my late mother in law who, had she lived, would have made them herself. And as a bonus, I wanted them done while I am still 54, the age she was when she passed. They aren’t fancy, just 4in strips quilt as you go mostly. I’m about halfway through and need to finish by June when SIL comes for my son’s wedding. The funny thing is, after attending quilt days with my mom , just to be with her, and making these quilts, suddenly…..I feel like a quilter. Quilting snuck up on me lol.

  4. 3 quilted and bindings on, 2 bindings made, another one loaded on LA, blocks ready to web together for the next one. . .I am with Carla, hoping once I get all these grad gifts given, there will be a noticeable dent in my stash. . . HA! I doubt it. My husband told me he thought it would take 25 years just to sew up the FLANNEL stash. I just keep sewing. Not sure if my snow days are over for sure or not for the school year.

  5. Great new “UFO” plan Jo! I think this will inspire & encourage so many more people & will be enjoyed by all! I love the beautiful mirror & think painting white is a great idea!

  6. Carolyn in Texas

    I absolutely love the decision! Thanks! Being a quilter and a traditional rug hooker there is always a project I need to finish. Love the encouragement and I love your blog!

  7. Carolyn Sullivan

    I LOVE IT! I actually HATE UFO’s yes I have a doz or more and a couple doz in my head yet to be started. SO I LOVE IT

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