UFO Challenge

Things are pretty slow going for me yet…I’ve been busy ironing all the many things I sewed last week.  I am still spending lots of time on the couch with a leg up and ice.  It’s a boring place to be.  As often as my foot allows I sneak off and iron.

Here is how far Winston Ways has progressed.  All the pieces that I have sewn are ironed….all of the half square triangles finished….lots of four patches are finished too.  Lots of four patches are only in two-sies though.  I’m hoping by next week I’ll at least have a block or two finished.


Considering this UFO started out as only a few red and white half inch strips, I’m happy to see that this project has moved along this far.

There’s more to show….
I got all of the Pffernuse pieces ironed.  They are ready for their next step which is back to the sewing machine so they can become hour glass projects.

I’m happy with progress I’ve made….not setting the world on fire but good progress.

Catch me back here next week

6 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. You are doing great! I’ve been working on 9 patches that have a finished square of 1-1/2″. It’s been slow going this week as my daughter and 2 granddaughters are visiting from Austin Texas so it’s been a slow go this week but that’s fine..enjoy their company!

  2. Wow you are getting your UFO done even though you are laid up. I’ve been working on my leader and ender tumblers and Bricks in the Barnyard UFO.

  3. Quilted a Take 5 quilt, have binding attached and ready to sew down. I then pieced a back and a batting for a baby gift. I am down to needing only 300 threesies for Rick Rack Nines. . .I need to go back to not counting them and just making them L&E style. Trying to work on quilting in the evenings, but new teachers’ meetings make me tired. Brain work is HARD work.
    3 weeks until Sept. 1st!

  4. I finished a throw size Storm at Sea. I had been collecting fabric for this for a number of years and was a little shy about the sewing. This spring I was at a quilt show and one of the venders makes a product she calls Stable Piecing. The foundations are all pre-printed on tear away stabilizer. What an easy way to make a storm at sea. Nine inch blocks with a double border. Now all I have to do is remove the foundations and get it quilted. By the way I finished just in time because I work for the local school in the cafeteria and school starts next week!

  5. Sad to say I didn’t work on any UFO’s but I started two new quilts!! :( One is Bonnie’s Virginia Bound. My strings were talking to me!! Also one in an old magazine that has caught my attention every time I looked at the magazine. More UFO’s, but I am trying to only sew from my stash. Had to buy solid black for some sashings. I am also quilting my daughter’s wedding quilt. Only have a couple of weeks til the wedding on Aug 27! I guess I had better get back to work.

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