UFO Challenge

Well…this happened….

I didn’t get a chance to get pictures of the quilt taken.  I can tell you that it’s finished….well the quilt is finished.  I didn’t clean up the leftovers and put the project box away yet.  I can’t tell you happy I am to have this one DONE!!!  I’m hoping to get some pictures soon.

After this got done I didn’t pull a new UFO yet.  Instead I pulled someone else’s….  People have sent me scraps and orphan blocks and I’ve started building them up into doll quilts.  These first ones must have been left overs from a baby quilt.  The center fabric must have been a panel…I just added scrap to enlarge it.

Here was #2 of the same fabric.

I was out of the scraps by the time I got to the third one so I pulled some other donated fabric.

This big bow was an orphan block.  I added a white border and then the outer red border.   I think it’s cute…don’t you? They are simple and nothing classy but I do enjoy making something quick and easy with leftovers.

I have the blocks all in a pile.  Some nights I come upstairs and only have 15 minutes to sew before bedtime.  I grab one of these and sew.  I love it.

The goal is to get them to size somewhere from 18″ to 24″.  It’s so fun digging through all the blocks and scraps.  Making something out of nothing is my favorite thing to do.

See you next week!! Well you might want to be back sooner than that. I think I’ll have time to photograph this and write a blog post by Friday. I’ll who it off then.

6 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. I look forward to seeing your finished quilt, those colors are happy fabrics indeed. I hope to get the backing made for my tumbler quilt and send it off to the LAQ to be finished. Need to get some of my UFO done this year.

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  3. The big bow block is actually a block from the “Silent Night” quilt sampler. The patterns for all of the different blocks can be found on Pinterest. I have 5 blocks done.

  4. I can’t wait to see the final pictures of your scrap crystals quilt. If you have a hospital near you, they will accept doll size quilts for their preemie unit. I have an ongoing stack of preemie quilts and when I make a trip to St. Louis I deliver them to the children’s hospital.

    Reading your blog has made me make better use of my time. You sew for 15 minutes before bedtime, I sit on my computer. You must sleep like a baby at night with the amount of work you accomplish during the day.

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