UFO Challenge

Well I worked on UFO…not by choice though.  After I finished my Scrap Crystals top I loaded it onto the frame and there it sat.  I did everything I could to avoid it.  EVERYTHING!  I think I was stuck on what quilting motif to do.  I really do wish I was better at just picking a motif and moving forward, but I’m not.  Oh well.  Busy quilts I should know by now don’t need any custom quilting.

There the quilt sat…it was on the frame more than two weeks.

Then I realized that the quilt was on the frame and I NEEDED to get Lucy’s quilt done so this HAD to get off the frame and I wasn’t going to unload it.  So…away I went.

I ended up doing a simple loopy loop motif.  It really isn’t much at all, but I like it.

It’s off the frame now…Lucy’s quilt is off the frame too.  Binding and it will be done.  Plans are that I’ll have Lucy’s quilt finished and I’ll show it off to you on Friday.  The binding on this will wait.  Hopefully not too long.  I did pick out the binding so at least that decision is made.

I didn’t get any more UFO progress done.  Lucy’s quilt had taken over this week…that and cleaning.  Little by little that spring cleaning is REALLY happening…I guess cleaning is an unfinished object…right?

8 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. I have two quilts that need hand binding, one ready for binding and one ready to quilt. Then, I can finish Brooklyn’s quilt, I have the rows sewed and need to press the seams open. I want to finish two of the quilts by Saturday as I will see the little girls they go to. But, last night I started running a temp and had chills. 2nd round with influenza? Not sure, but I wish we could just shut school down for a week and let the germs die!

  2. Seeing your Bonnie Hunter quilt on the frame makes me want to finish the one I have been working on for a couple years. It was set aside. I have one block hanging on my curtain above my sewing machine… The hold-up is that I started this project before I took a Bonnie Hunter workshop and learned all about how to cut and seam accordingly. I have to remember what I did to make all the blocks the same… Happy cleaning, Jo.

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  4. Friday and Monday snow days meant extra cleaning time and extra sewing time. The push now is to clean and oil the hardwood floors. I need to clean out my sewing room, but afraid that will have to wait until summer. However, I got a grad gift through the long arm and binding on and blocks sewn for the next one.

  5. I haven’t forgotten about your Scrap Crystals quilt. It’s been my favorite, so far. Can’t wait to see it complete.

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