UFO Challenge

So how are you doing with your UFO?  Me…kind of stalled out.  I’ve got a cleaning bug right now and I’ve been going with it….isn’t a cabinet that needs a good cleaning filled with UFOs??  I don’t mean the sewing room either.

Can you believe that I haven’t touched my Scrap Crystals quilt?  It’s still on the frame.  No progress.

I did lay some thread out and thought I’d at least be the thread loaded….Then I couldn’t decide on a color…UGH.

I did finish the four blocks that I need for Bricks in the Barnyard.  See?

That means all the blocks are ready and the center could be sewn together…but that hasn’t happened.  I think between having the new kids at childcare and the cleaning mode that I’m in, things are stalling out.  Some days are like that.  It’s rare but there are a few things that come before quilting…Bahahaha!!

I’ll be back next week…I don’t know if I’ll have much done as the cleaning bug is still in me….and I have to keep going with it!

10 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. I have finished 10 UFO’s so far this year. As for this week? I quilted and did the binding to completion (I machine apply and hand stitch the finish) on 2 NEW starts. These were started 2weeks ago. One child size and one large lap size quilt. It’s been a terrific week for me!

  2. I am working on hand stitching a binding on a quilt called Newport Beach. It has probably been a top for 15 years. I finally finished quilting it last week. Then yesterday I finished quilting another 3 yo UFO called Nickel Bricks. While I was quilting Nickel Bricks I realized it would make a cute I Spy for the grands – so there’s another UFO in my head…. My machine (sit down Tiara) is all cleaned up and ready to tackle a Log Cabin that was blocks for about a year. It is sitting on the table waiting to decide which of the threads I have sitting on top it would like too. I think On Ringo Lake is after that. I’ve been really trying to get some serious quilting and cleaning done before the weather turns to spring in SE MN because I know I will want to be outside!

  3. I just got home from Quilt Camp with my two teenage daughters… so my ‘to be quilted’ pile just grew by 4 more quilts! It’s spring break here, so it may still need to wait.

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  5. I’m on the last side of the binding (with a hanging sleeve and label yet to do) on my “Scrappy Sister’s Choice”. It was finished last fall and came back from the LAQ just before Thanksgiving. Just in time to be sidelined by “On Ringo Lake”

    And the applique continues on “Aunt Lottie’s Garden”; I’m on block 10, I’ll do a post to link up when this block is done. That will be 1/3 of the center of the top. This one is a long term travel project type UFO; I’m doing about a block a week, but progress is progress, right?

  6. some health issues and out of town family visiting has put a kibosh on my sewing lately. I went to quilt camp a month ago and haven’t seriously touched my machine since. I have serious sewing withdrawal!

  7. I just love your Scrap Crystals quilt. On my bucket list after seeing yours.

    Thread – use the middle one. I prefer one that looks good with all the fabrics and won’t overpower any of them.

  8. Too many quilts for work and not my own. . . BUT if we get a snow day on Friday (and possibly Monday) I will be working on my OWN stuff.

  9. I like the middle thread too. The silver gray just catches my eye. And you can’t say no to the cleaning bug! It only hits every once in a while at my house, but I go with it when it does. I get so much done and can make so many decisions on things to get rid of!

  10. Love that lightest color thread. Well, I like all three, but my thoughts if it was my quilt is that the two darker ones would stand out too much against the neutral background, but the lightest color (silver green?) would be noticeable while not overpowering.

    Not too much has happened with my UFOs this week; just too much other stuff going on. But I did get a few of the 9patches for Growing Up Odd sewn together (and even got some of those ironed). Of Grand Illusion, Steps 1, 2, 4, and 5 are done and need to be squared up.

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