UFO Challenge

A funny thing happened on the way to getting my Scrap Crystals into a top.


I know, I know….it’s not Scrap Crystals.

Let me explain.  I needed a leader and ender.  I went in the UFO cabinet to get something and there was Bricks in the Barnyard a Bonnie Hunter quilt from her book Scraps and Shirttails II.  That looked like the perfect leader and ender project.

Well over the course of the week I wasn’t feeling the best…I told you about the walking pneumonia diagnosis….Well being I was feeling so crappy I didn’t have the energy to dig around to find a couple of the missing pieces for Scrap Crystals so I sewed on Bricks in the Barnyard instead.

I know this doesn’t look like much but the blocks are nine patch blocks.  I have all of the row #1 and all of the row #2’s sewn together….I am enlarging mine so I need 144 blocks.

When I pulled the UFO all I had sewn was the half square triangles.  I sewed them together when I had my foot surgery a year and a half ago!

I went ahead and sewed a few blocks together too.  It’s not a lot but something…and that’s my goal, to sew a little bit on a UFO every week.

I am loving them so far.  I have 10 blocks done.  134 to go!  They won’t be a problem…the border, that will be slower.  I made Texas Braids quilt and the border is the same technique as that quilt was.

Find me back here next week.  You can see if I went back to Scrap Crystals or stayed with Bricks in the Barnyard….

P.S.  I’m feeling a lot better.  What a blessing!!

6 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. Distracted. Totally. I’m really forcing myself to stay ‘on task’ by only having three quilts available to work on. The hand applique on my UFO Project is coming along by taking a block to work. So far, I’m doing one a week just over my lunch time. Currently on Block 8 of 30. I’ll do a formal post again in the blog when I finish #10.

    The two other quilts are my BoW for your sampler challenge and my leader/ender. Once I’m done with my block(s), I’m done. All the rest of my time this week needs to go into hand sewing a binding. I want that quilt DONE.

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  3. it really depends on the quilt, sometimes I can just really concentrate and keep working on a quilt day after day and other times I really get sidetrack and start three more

  4. Finished 2 bindings over the weekend. Have 1 seam left on a grad gift to have the top done. Got the top and back done for a Purple Jimmy John. . .and I started Churn Dash blocks after reading that post. . .I have tons of shirt parts and a container of 2.5 strips leftover from Tumalo Trail. . .so I hope to keep progressing on them. Just cutting a few at a time to use as L&E. . .also L&E the border pieces for Naragansett Blues. . .light ones done, red ones 1/3 done. And apparently, more snow in the forecast for tomorrow/Friday. . .CRAZY!

  5. Nothing much happened with my UFO project(s) over the past week. From The Puzzler I have about half the blocks sewn together still needing the row seams pressed. The remaining blocks are webbed together but those seams still need to be pressed before I can sew the rows. On another UFO, called Growing Up Odd, pattern by Wedding Dress Blues, I’ve begun ironing the seams of my strips of 3 squares and matching them up into 9 patches that need to be sewn together.

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