UFO Challenge

I didn’t get a lot of UFO quilting done this week.  Other things took over….prep for the family get together….work on a project from my Aunt and if you saw the blog on Monday, you know that I kind of got crazy with my Pineapple Crazy quilt.   Technically Pineapple Crazy is a UFO as well as project for the String Challenge so I guess maybe I did get LOTS of UFO quilting done if I count that.

ALL of my blocks for Pineapple Crazy are done.

I worked a bit on Scrap Crystals too….Here are the nine patches all done for the cornerstones on the quilt.

I also got this done….

It’s the outer pieces…and the sashing pieces.  The sashing pieces still need corners put on them but I’m getting closer.  I had hoped I might have a row together this week but at the time I didn’t know I was going to be doing the project for my Aunt…and I didn’t know I had bronchitis and needed to take it a little easy.

Find me back here next week. I’m not expecting lots of progress. I have a busy weekend ahead.

6 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Jo as far as I’m concerned you over achieved on getting things done.
    I’m finding it tough to even make dinner currently. In fact right now I’m waiting for the alarm to go off so I can take my second round of my daily medication and have my medication. Breakfast is only cereal with milk but it feels like an uphill battle. There’s the alarm, I better soldier on.

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  3. No blog post to link up this week. But I’m working on the applique for Block 7 of Aunt Lottie’s Garden. 3/4 done with this one, and 23 to go for the center of the quilt, plus the applique borders. LONG way to go yet. Good thing I like hand sewing LOL.

  4. I became aware a few weeks ago that I had decided 2018 was going to be my year of UFOs. Maybe not completely quilted and bound finishes, but at least I want to have quilt tops done. Without even needing to go digging through things, I came up with a list of 11 projects where the pattern and fabric at least is together. Most are in some stage of piecing. What I’m focusing on currently is a pattern called The Puzzler. 12 18″ finished blocks, and I have almost half assembled, 2 blocks need to have their 6.5″ units squared up and then webbed & sewn into the block, and the remaining blocks are webbed together needing to be finished. After that this project might be put aside as I’ll need to get sashing fabric.

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