UFO Challenge

I didn’t get to my UFO sewing like I had hoped.  My Pineapple Crazy quilt kind of took over my life and so did a nasty bug.  I had told you I have influenza a couple weeks ago.  Well I’ve still had lingering crud.  Over the weekend it turned nasty.  I was coughing a lot…Over night was TERRIBLE.  I ended up taking Monday off, going to the doctor and slept the afternoon away.

I was told I have bronchitis.  UGH.

I did get Cheddar Bow Ties off the quilting frame….and even got to binding it.  (You’ll want to stop by on Friday to see it finished)

Anyway…with that all in mind, I didn’t do a lot of sewing on my current UFO which is Scrap Crystals.   I got it set up next to the machine with the hope I’d get some of it done!!

After a couple evening sewing sessions, I managed to get some sashing strips sewn together.  Next up, I need to iron and cut.

I said this last week and still believe it to be true.  There is still a lot of sewing to do after the main blocks get sewn.  That’s okay though.  I think the sashing makes this quilt!

Find me back here next week.  My hope is that all the extra sewing of the sashing is finished.  We have some family things going on this weekend so that might be all I get too.  That’s okay.  I’m happy with any forward progress.  I think it’s getting time to consider my next UFO….and it’s about time I update my UFO list.

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  2. Bronchitis, so sorry, the cough seems to last forever. I have a question about how you attach binding. I also do mine all by machine but I seem to have a lot of trouble with missing the binding on the backside. How wide do you cut your binding? How wide is the seam when you attach the binding? And, what does the back of the binding look like when you are done sewing it down?

  3. You poor thing! I am praying that you heal quickly. I got my All People Quilt February challenge cut. My BOM for your challenge is all cut except for HSTs, and I am quilting a Jimmy John quilt tonight. Progress!!!!

  4. Please take care of yourself. I have a friend who had bronchitis and it turned to whooping cough! I couldn’t believe it and she is miserable. Hoping sick season is soon over!

  5. Please feel better soon – I had bronchitis a couple of years ago – nothing to mess around with!
    Good luck with your sewing!

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