UFO Challenge

I was so busy working on lots of other projects that my UFO work kind of slipped away. That’s okay. That will happen from time to time.

The thing I’ve been wanting to work on is tackling my pile of quilts that needs to be quilted.  With that in mind, I put my Cheddar Bow Ties quilt on the frame.

As of now, I’m about half way done….YAHOO!!

I’m doing baptist fans for the motif.  It’s pretty slow going as the thread is so hard to see on the quilt as I go.  That’s been okay though as it hides all my mistakes…HAHA!

It feels so good for this quilt to be back in the spot light.  I have a bit of a goal to get the quilt tops that Kelli and I have sewn together through the quilting machine and finished.  I have seven.  I have a goal of one a week.  I don’t know if I can keep up with that but I sure would like to try.  I’m tired of having them here and unfinished.  I did the official count and there are SEVEN not quilted.  Then after that, I want to keep up and machine quilt the tops as they are finished.  I really this would help my attitude of feeling behind.

I also have a stack of charity quilts that need attention.  Oh my.  My work in never done!!

I so have other UFO progress to share.  It’s not a lot.  See?
I got the rest of Scrap Crystals cut out.

It doesn’t look like a lot but this included the final decision on what I was to use for the sashing on this quilt.

After looking at the quilt I was wrong in thinking that once the blocks were done I’d have this together in no time.  NOT!  There is quite a lot of piecing in the sashing.  That’s okay.  I’m not running a race.

Find me here next week. I’m hoping to have a different UFO on the quilting frame.

9 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. Good morning, Jo!

    I agree that it shouldn’t be a challenge running a gauntlet of pop up ads and loud automatic playing videos to read someone’s blog. After all, my time is valuable and few bloggers have enough important things to say to make it worth competing with all the ads or waiting for them to load and “clicking here” to continue reading content. What a waste of time for me, and I exit really fast and move on to the next thing that I have to do! (I too am a farmer and, along with living in the country, comes slower broad band, you know.)

    I must say that I never noticed any issue with your ads because 99% of the time I just read your posts in my email and there are no ads there. If only I were as dedicated a blogger as you are! I love reading your and Kelli’s posts and look forward to them every day.

    love ya!

  2. Ooops! This comment was for the other post, Jo. I clicked on the wrong “reply here.” hahahaha…Guess I need that second cup of coffee this morning!

    UFOs….I so want to get back to them and I do a little bit at a time, but now the Featherweight Lovers Annual retreat I host begins Monday and prepping for that has moved to the top of my priority list. Nobody is taking stock of all that is crowding the “back burner” but me, so the UFOs can wait for another week or two for me to get back to them. I’ll eventually get them finished, right? As you said…I’m not in a race either. :-)

  3. Good morning, Jo and Kelli. I hit a milestone on my UFO – all the EPP is done unless I end up putting some in the (still to be designed) borders. So this project is going to hibernate for a bit until I get a binding done. I don’t know what it is about bindings that makes me procrastinate so.

    Rather like you and your ‘to be quilted’ pile. If I stay on top of them, I don’t get this nagging sense of being behind. And seriously – it’s the last step to a finished quilt, what’s not to like?

  4. I’m still working ORL but have all the parts done except 12 more geese pairs. Ran out of the brown geese but will wait on that until I get some of the blocks made. My goal today is 8 blocks which is halfway there. Carol

  5. Scrap Crystals is going to be lovely. I’m planning on taking a workshop with Bonnie Hunter later this year and that is the quilt. I love the Cheddar Bow ties and hope to make that one day.

  6. I wont be quilting anytime soon since I’m visiting my daughter who lives in Wisc. I hope to see a few quilt shops while I’m here for a month. I must admit seeing it snow sure is pretty but I don’t think I will be leaving TN and moving back lol

  7. Started cutting on my BOM challenge kit, so I can report on Saturday. . . I need to be cranking some quilts through the long arm as well.

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