UFO Challenge

Yahoo…I have BLOCKS!

I really love the blocks…a lot!  I am so glad that blog readers sent me their leftover scraps.  ALL of the green in this quilt was from scraps that were sent to me.  I would not have had such an awesome collection of greens without the generosity of a blog reader.  Lots of the other scraps were gifted too but I did have to supplement the neutrals and blues.

So it’s time to pick some borders and sashing.  I love what I have in the photo for the outer border.  I am using that for sure.  I think the blue/green of the sashing I’ll keep too.  The question for me is the blue…which blue is best?I don’t hate any of them…some I like better than others. With some there isn’t a lot of difference one way or the other. Oh it’s hard to choose.  I think looking at in pictures vs in person is actually easier. So do you want to know what I liked best….This one!
Of course I only have one yard of it.  It isn’t as busy and is a shade darker.  I like that.  I need more than a yard…closer to 1 1/2 yards.  UGH.  I wish I hadn’t seen this option as now this is what I want.  I had hoped to not buy a lot of fabric this year…UGH.  Here I go, buying fabric already.

What would you do?  Use one of the others or hold out for the best option?

You can find me there next week. I’m not sure what I’ll be working on. I really think I want a fabric more like that last piece I showed. I’ll either fit in a quilt shop visit or I’ll pick another project.

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  1. Jennifer Mawbey

    My preference is the same as yours – the last one! This because it resembles the background of the border fabric. If you can’t get the half yard of it, then the previous one would also work well. My reasoning for both is that the fabric pattern is low contrast & therefore helps accentuate the blocks.

  2. yep, I like the last choice too, because the color is strong enough to stand up to the rest of the quilt.
    hope you feel better soon.

  3. I am going to say that I would use all of them. They are similar enough to just “wash” across the quilt. Keep the block border one fabric to tie it all together.

  4. I’m surprised that enlarging the picture changed my mind on what I like. I think either the first or the last is best because the design is smaller then the green you have.

  5. I like the last one too. Have you located more of it to buy? Sounds like you won’t have to buy too much to have enough. The blocks are beautiful and I think the outer border fabric is amazing!

  6. I think the third one would be okay rather than buy more but then I’m really in a stash mode right now. Knowing your style and energy, I would say go ahead and look for more of the blue you like. You’ll find something to use the other cuts for very soon!

  7. If this is a quilt you are keeping for yourself, I would say get more of the last one. It’s beautiful and makes your heart sing, so you will always be happiest with it. If you are giving it away, use #2 or #3. They are good choices and close enough and you can stick to using what you have.

  8. I love the last blue. Your quilt will be beautiful! I love it! I’m not a fan of batiks but this one and your basket quilt look great with batiks!

  9. I’d hold out for the last option you showed. I think it is more pleasing to the eye making definition to the other batik fabrics. The other options make it totally mottled.

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  11. I like the last one best, and my second choice would be #3 – it appears to be the next darkest blue.
    What a tough choice to make! Good Luck – and maybe happy shopping?

  12. Well, I am the odd man out….my favorite, hands down, is the first one! I think if the last one is your favorite, and especially because you only need half a yard more, you should go with that one. It will make you happiest! Now, the challenge is: can you go into the quilt shop and buy JUST what you need and not lots of other fabrics???

  13. Because I love all your blues, if it were my quilt, I’d use the brightest blue for the star points in the sashing and all the other blues for the long strips and star centers.

  14. I think you should use the one that is pleasing to your eye, and I do think the darker blues look better, love the border fabric choice. My Bricks n the Barnyard quilt is at the long armers so I have been making a few fitted tablecloths for my daughters table while I visit her in Wisconsin. The snow is beautiful. Hope you are feeling better.

  15. i liked the first one best because of the green sprinkled in it. But, it’s not gonna be my quilt, so go with what you love so you’ll never look at it and think, “If only…”. I do think I need one of these quilts now having seen yours.

  16. I like the last one, but the first one really “speaks” to me. I like the liveliness of the lighter dots, while there’s not much else going on with the overall print. As with any advice, it’s worth what you paid for it! Your quilt will be gorgeous, as always!

  17. I like the first one, the brightness of it is similar to the blocks and there is ever so slight a hint in your border of it also. I also like the green in it. Of course, you are doing it so by all means suit yourself!!

  18. I like your outer border a lot. If you want a more cohesive look, or like it was planned, and want to stick to your “no buy” plan, why not do your second favorite choice in the vertical and your favorite in the horizontal. or vice-versa. This is going to be beautiful however you do it.

  19. i guess I am the odd one out here. I would use the green fabric you chose for sashing as the border (if you have enough) and go with your last blue as sashing supplementing with some of the other blue as needed.

  20. I like the one you like, but I can also see using several of the ones that are close in value to do scrappy sashing.

    As far as my UFO, I’ve made some progress on the last set of the hexis, but no post/photo this week. I ended up having some family stuff going on this weekend (and the upcoming one, too). Hopefully next week will see me to the milestone on this project. Then it will go into hibernation for a bit while I put a lingering binding on and get it all sewn down.

  21. I suggest using what you have and mixing it up. The rest of the quilt is scrappy so why not use more than one of the blues.

  22. First choice would be the last one. Second choice would be the first. 1-3 look fine but the last jumped out.
    Most of the time our 1st choice is usually the best.

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