UFO Challenge

I’ve had a busy week with family so I didn’t get lots and lots of quilting time but enough to be able to say I made progress.

I am working on Scrap Crystals which is a Bonnie Hunter quilt from her book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  The quilt is intense piecing and (you know me) I made it bigger.  MORE PIECING!!


Normally I love never ending piecing.  I adore it but for some reason, this wasn’t grabbing my interest…but I wanted to keep working on it.


As I was sewing I got to thinking, oh my.  If this was a true leader and ender, IT WOULD TAKE FOR FOREVER!  Then I started thinking about leader and endering and then I decided to keep my interest, maybe I should leader and ender.

So I started leader and ending for a little bit.  AH…much better.  I started to feel like I was accomplishing something…and I was.


On of my blog readers sent a scrap bag of quilt leftovers.  They have been in the house a LONG time and I’ve had good intentions.  My plan was to sew them together in a mish-mash format and see how big I could get it.  My goal was to get the tiny top to be somewhere bigger than 18″ but smaller than 24″.  The Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild makes doll quilts and occasionally I get a hankering to make some.  I thought these scraps would be perfect….  I ended up liking it.


While sewing…I was leader and ending my Scrap Crystals.  After that one was done, I sewed these quilt top left overs together to make another doll quilt.  Check this one out….These are left overs from a quilt top I made.


It was fun!!  I still sewed on my UFO but I also finished these and “clean up” piles of stuff in the quilting room.  I actually made quite a bit of progress on Scrap Crystals…and had some fun in between.

You’ll find me back here next week. I’m hoping I am finished with another step of this quilt by then.

6 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. I love the beautiful doll quilts & think they both would also make great table toppers for those that like or use them. Switching to sewing leaders & enders was a great way to encourage yourself & keep interest in sewing a quilt! I like that you share your solutions with us ~ so inspiring! Thank you very much!

  2. I tend to keep the extra pieces when sewing a quilt and think that someday I’m going to make something with with them. It’s fun to see what you did!

  3. LOVE your little quilts! What a great idea to keep your interest. I do leaders and enders all the time……..sure improves productivity.

  4. I love the doll quilts; I gifted a little mini dresden plate doll quilt to my granddaughter at Christmas. Hopefully she’ll like it.

    As far as my UFO project goes, it’s my carry-along project. I’m still making two round Grandmother’s Flower Garden sets with English Paper Piecing. I finished one last week and started #8 of ten. Once these last three are done, the “never ending applique” begins. I have 34 blocks and the borders to do. This is NOT a quick project. I’ll take a picture and link up tonight.

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