UFO Challenge

I’m working on both my String Fling Challenge and my UFO Challenge whenever I work on my String Fling quilt….it’s slow but I am slowly getting closer.  Little by little this will happen.

I had 21 border blocks when I last showed this project.


I’m up to 34 now.  That’s not too bad considering there was Christmas and all that goes with it happening too.  I’m starting to get really anxious and wanting to get this moved right up onto the front burner but I’ve been holding out the best I could because of other commitments and the mystery quit too.  It will all happen.  Of that, I am sure.

I’ll be back next week. I don’t know how much progress I’ll have as I think the final mystery clue will be out and I’m sure I’m going to be wanting to sew on that…Happily I have a couple extra days off this weekend.

5 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

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  2. Yesterday afternoon, I located the quilt kit I am going to use for your BOM challenge. I have the cutting for the MQ all done. I am using pieces to L&E as I put graduation gifts together. My big goal for the break was to get the son’s GF’s top and back done. Pulled that off last night and hope to load it on the machine today. Now, I need to CLEAN in the sewing room and get some things organized and out of the way.

  3. My challenge is a wedding quilt for middle daughter. I only have 15 to make of the 90 blocks needed. The process will slow when I start the hand quilting. It is getting hand quilted because I hand quilted the other 2 daughters’ wedding quilts. The wedding is in April so she knows it probably won’t be done by then. Maybe fall when the weather turns cooler! Wish me luck! ;)

  4. Janelle Wallinger

    Like my friend Nell, I too am working on graduation quilts. I recently got a Grace SR 2 frame to which I added my Bernina. I just finished quilting my first quilt on it. Super excited!! I too pulled out what I will be using for the BOM challenge and I will be cutting on it this afternoon as I work at the front desk of the local motel. Nell and I plan to keep each other accountable as we work through the “Challenges.” They certainly motivate me!!! Happy New Year!

  5. My “Aunt Lottie’s Garden” is my UFO project. This quilt started with Grandmother’s Flower Garden double ring sets pieced by my Great-Aunt Charlotte (aka “Lottie”) in the late 1930s or early 1940s. It think that qualifies as an UnFinished Object!!!! I need 10 more sets for my layout. I have six sets done now. I am on set seven and I am out of pink reproduction 1930s fabrics in the stash. I stopped by the semi-local shop tonight only to find out that they closed early for a holiday thing and I missed them by 5 minutes!!!!

    I will try the more local shop tomorrow, though I know the selection of reproduction fabrics is better in the other shop. I only need three fat quarters. Just THREE.

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