UFO Challenge

Look who came out of the UFO cabinet to play…..Pineapple Crazy.

It came out like this.


Over the last week or so, it’s developed into this…pineapple-crazy

The center of the quilt is complete.  I ended up with two extra blocks.

I was hoping that seeing the inside of the top together might spark some momentum in me to get sewing on the outside border blocks….It has.  I have THREE done!!  I know it’s not much but progress is progress.  I think I need 60 outer blocks.

This is a paper piecing project and paper piecing is a slow process.  I started working on the outer blocks with my main sewing machine but I can see the disorganization that happens when I paper piece these isn’t easily shoved aside…and there’s a mystery quilt to contend with so, the plan is to set up a station to work on  these at a different machine.

I don’t plan to set the world on fire with my speed at getting these done.  I’ve decided that at least through mystery season if I only get a couple done each week, that’s okay.  I do want to keep working on them though….time will tell.

I’ll be here next Wednesday. Stop by and see if I got an outer border blocks finished.


13 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. What a lovely Pineapple quilt. Such a lot of work, and pieced borders to make and add too. You have a good way of working, juggling several projects at the same time. Like the idea of 2different work stations. I don’t have space to do that but I keep meaning to set up my “spare” machine with the walking foot as I find it awkward to change the foot onto my regular machine.

  2. Jo-tried to send you an email, but came back undeliverable. I sent you a little thank you package yesterday. Should arrive by Friday. I love your blog……..get such good ideas and inspiration from you.

  3. My husband has always loved this pattern and I have yet to get one started. I cant wait to see your border progress. I think the scrappiness of it makes them just pop for me.

  4. Love your pineapple quilt! Can’t wait to see it when finished! I’m finally getting to Allietare (I don’t think I ever spell that correctly) and to the point of sewing the rows. I found out that I didn’t pay attention to pressing instructions when I put my blocks together….argh… but am going forward anyway. Hopefully when I quilt it those places where the seams are thick won’t be too much of a bother. Also working on the current mystery sewing the strips together in between rows.

  5. Fantastic job!! Love it! I’ve got to make one someday. I love the idea of 2 work stations. I’ve had to put Blue Skies away so I can work on 3 baby/toddler quilts for Christmas. Why do I do this to myself? 2 of them have to be out the door by 5pm Friday and I just started them 2 days ago. Lol

  6. I was excited to receive two quilt magazines in the mail yesterday and they each had one of your quilts in them. I don’t know how you have the time to do all you do! I am looking forward to retirement so I can go to work in my quilt room every day. Thanks for all the encouragement to give to others.

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  8. I can’t get to my sewing machine! We had family for Thanksgiving. A bedroom, the quilting room and the living room all had major clean-up to do. What I didn’t get done was stuffed in the quilting room. Today’s project is to get through the stuff and find the advent calendar that I made for my granddaughter. I have all the little pieces to go in its pocket, but no calendar. I’m hoping it is the mess that is my sewing room. I’m dying to quilt. Hopefully next week.

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