UFO Challenge

Ta-Da!!  My Cheddar Bow Ties quilt is a top.  It was slow going to get it here.  It’s hard when I needed to worry about every seam matching.  THERE ARE A LOT OF SEAMS in this quilt!!

I was sewing together a few rows each night and then finally decided enough was enough and stayed up late one night so I could get the center together.  Here it is!


Ruby tested it out.


Then slowly I started working on the border.  When I pulled the UFO out, I already had the border segments sewn together.  I had did that when we still lived at the farm house.  What had happened was that I had packed my whole sewing room away.  I was putting long hours in remodeling the house and thought I wouldn’t have time to sew.  Silly me.  I should know by now that quilting is the therapy.  I need to it to process.  I especially needed it when we were remodeling but everything was packed away.  I didn’t want to unpack anything so I grabbed my tote of scraps and my Bonnie Hunter books and tried to figure out what I could work on without unpacking anything else.

Sewing strips together to make the border for this quilt is what I settled on.  It wasn’t glamorous or even fun sewing.  It was methodical and that’s what I needed.

Now that I got the quilt this far, I’m just thrilled that I did sew them back then.  It’s making the border process easy now….and here’s the quilt with the border on.


I really like this border.  Simple…perfect for the quilt.  It frames it no nicely.


I was going to put this one right on the frame but alas…no good backing fabrics are around here….at least not anything I like.  I am off to hunt for a backing but I think it might involve some on line purchasing.

For anyone interested, this pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.

With the finish of this, that means a new UFO needs to come out and play.


8 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. Wow! it is amazing and your border is perfect for finishing it off. Love it! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Jo

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  3. Hmm, pretty sure this one is one my barely started UFO list. . . might have to get busy cutting. Got a grad gift cut out today and lots of CLEANING, so I can MYSTERY SEW on Friday. I do appreciate you nudging me along with the UFO challenge posts. I am working much more steadily at finishing things than previously.

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