UFO Challenge

Over the weekend I was so tempted to dive deeper into my Charlotte’s Baskets quilt but stopped myself.  Sometime I have to discipline myself a bit and make myself finish some things up.  On the plate was Fair and Square.  I got stalled out on it as I didn’t have the matching fabric for the inner border.  I wanted it to match the outline of the checkerboard blocks but alas…I couldn’t find the fabric.

Saturday morning I called Kelli and asked if she was up for a fabric shop run.  She was and off we went to Forest Mills.  When Kelli and I walked in the door Carolyn said, “If you’re looking for “that” fabric, we don’t have it!”   Ha…she’d been reading the blog and knew I was looking.  More on our visit and the fabrics I bought coming up in another blog post….for now let me just say after LOTS of hunting I ended up settling with this fabric.


It was so hard as technically the fabric I am trying to match is a dark, dark navy blue.  We couldn’t find anything that dark in the blues.  We ended up going to the blacks.  Even then I didn’t find anything I loved.  We ended up shopping for other things on my list and then I decided…that’s it.  I am choosing the best match from whatever fabric they had.

What I picked was actually a black.  It’s very patterned though so it isn’t so noticeable that they don’t match.

Sunday I got right to work on getting the borders on this.  I have to admit…having to write my UFO post was my motivation.  I wanted to have something to show you.  My heart was still with my Charlotte’s Baskets quilt….but I persevered.  The borders are on and the quilt top is finished!!!  Check it out…..

Looking from this distance the fabric choice was just fine….

Looking close up, I’m okay with it too.


I’m really happy with this quilt.  Really happy.


The pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails II.  When I first got the book and paged through it, this is one of the quilts I REALLY wanted to make!

I kept right at it and got a backing pieced too.  I have the top and backing sitting close to the iron.  The next night I’m in the sewing room and one of the kids calls to chat, I’ll get the top and backing ironed.  I can easily do that while chatting on the phone.  I’m a little crazy like that.

Now that this a top, I need a new UFO….hmm…I have so many to choose from. Which will it be?

13 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. I love all the little squares! …and the border fabric was a good choice. It will be beautiful when you get it finished!

  2. The quilt is beautiful! I really like the way you made the blocks so you didn’t have to piece them on the diagonal. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  4. I have done pretty well on UFO’s this year. In Jan I handed in my list of 12 UFO’s for our guild challenge. I have finished 7 of them and hope to get one more wall hanging finished by the end of the year. And I have finished a couple of things not on the list. This week I finished a Pre-K handprint quilt that I made for the school’s auction. I am working on a Christmas Hunter Star wall hanging. Hope to have it finished by Thanksgiving! I always like your quilts, Jo. Waiting to see your fabric choices for Bonnie’s mystery.

  5. Jo, The quilt turned out great! Way to go with the fabric choice. Now onto your long arm for the finale!! Happy Quilting, Tama

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  7. Catholic Bibliophagist

    It’s a good fabric choice. Unless someone had already read your blog, they’d never know that you originally wanted something else. Cograts on finishing another UFO.

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