UFO Challenge

Life has been challenging my UFO progress.  But I do have some progress to share…and some “life” to share.  Today’s the first day back to school here!!  New things are happening here.  I’m sending two off today…three more after Labor Day and inviting in two more.  It’s going to be interesting.   I’ll write more about that all on another day…back to today’s topic, UFO quilting.

You can see at the last count I had 98.  I’ve been sewing on these most every morning trying to get them finished up.  Then towards the end of last week I decided to trim them up and see where I was at.  Neighbor Girl happened to be over.  I could tell she needed to talk.  I pulled out the trimmed pieces and asked if she wanted to help de-paper them over nap time.  She did and the distraction of de-papering opened the flood gates and she told me what has been happening lately.  I can’t say a lot more than that..just know that things have gotten tougher for her.

It’s amazing how doing a mindless activity like de-papering is soothing.  It sure was for her.  I miss the days of helping my mother in law clean green beans or peel apples.  I loved that time.  In fact, I think that’s some of the things relationships are missing…that mindless time of working together with a common goal with no thought to speed.

Anyway…We ended up with 46 more.


I had Neighbor Girl do the math and…. yes indeed, we met our goal of having 144 triangles.  That means I am ready to start attaching these to blocks.  Yahoo!!

You can find me here next week. I’ll still be plugging away on the blocks. I’m hoping to have at least half of them together. It won’t be much progress but it will be in a forward direction!!

8 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. Great job on the triangles Jo!!! So glad you posted about Neighbor Girl. Hope things get better for her but luckily she has you for guidance!

  2. Wow, the triangles are awesome! I think it is such fun when doing a big project and you get to the next step. I am glad neighbor girl had you to talk with and continued prayers for her. I am still working on my Points of Interest quilt. I don’t think there is any mindless areas to that as I am always double checking myself when sewing!

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  4. Moving in a forward direction is progress, hooray! I finally got the backings made for 3 of my quilts that were ready, all will be used for charity. Nice to have them off my sewing room floor. I will keep neighborhood girl in my prayers for some peace in her life, thank you for being there and listening, sometimes its all we need. It sounds like you will have lots of changes in the daycare area in the next few weeks.

  5. I de-papered yesterday, too. It has been a crazy week thus far, and I found the work therapeutic. I counted and found I need a couple of dozen more–hoped I had enough, but another few hours should finish up the blocks.

  6. Betty from Canada

    Sounds like the neighbor girl really needs you. Keep being there for you because you might be the only one in her corner right now.

  7. Sending prayers for neighbor girl. Made it through the first days with students, but no routine at home yet. I will get back into the sewing groove. I did spend an hour last night just picking up and putting away in the sewing room, so I might be able to get some sewing done over the weekend.

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