UFO Challenge

I knew I wouldn’t get much done this week.  August is always the busiest month for me and this one is no different.

In the UFO department….I think I might as well add two more to the list.  I started Spider Web string quilt at retreat.  I got a few blocks made but that’s it.  Then I cut out part of Moth in the Window but didn’t even sew a stitch in it.  I’m sure I won’t get to it any time soon so…add two to the list of UFO’s.  I am leaving these down stairs.  One day I’m hoping to get a little free time during nap time to trim them down.  Then I’ll let the kids help de-paper them if they want.



That’s okay though.  I can’t make the quilts if they aren’t started right?

Even thought it’s not much, I’m wonderfully happy with any progress and I did have a little see?

UFO-22My pile is growing.

These are all for my Fair and Square quilt.  Everything else is done except the string piecing.  I’ve only worked on this in the morning before childcare.  Nights…they’ve been too busy and not much sewing is getting done at all.  I try to get at least a couple done a day.  I am enjoying the cycles of seasons….fall and winter will soon be here and then lots more sewing can be done.  For now I am going to enjoy the weather, the garden, and my family….there will be time to sew more again before I know it!

See you all here next week. I’m getting close to having enough section of strings sewn. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for me to complete the string blocks next week. Stop back and see if I met my goal.

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  1. I’ve been sewing all my life, I’m usually interested in sewing apparel, but I have created quilts over the years too. I have to ask this probably silly question. What is the purpose of string piecing quilt squares? I’m assuming it is a time saver, but I’m not sure how. Thanks for your interesting articles.

    1. It’s a frugal form of quilting. It uses up all the little scraps left over from other projects. I also cut up some “not so desirable” fabrics as a way to use them up.

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  3. Every few pieces makes a difference and before you know it you will have another one done. I have yet to make a string quilt but its on my bucket list, I sure do like the looks of them.

  4. I am done with all the quilts that had a deadline. Now I can work on whatever catches my fancy for the day. I am working on the Row by Row patterns that I collected this summer in my travels. Our local shop has not had a winner yet, so maybe that could be me?? I am using Bonnie Hunter’s pattern “Wild Child” as my leader/ender. Have a great day!!

  5. I pulled out a bag of fabric and block parts that I paid $15 for and have two boy baby quilt tops out of it. Plenty of fabric left for the binding, not sure about the backing, yet. Have to un-sew one row because my horses are running upside down. . .maybe this weekend, I can get it fixed.

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