UFO Challenge

With the retreat I was able to get some sewing done…but not too much.  We had to teach two of the days and had to duck out early on Saturday for Karl’s going away party on Saturday so out sewing time was limited but that’s okay.  We had so much fun that missing sewing time was worth it for sure.

I did not get much UFO sewing done at all….but I promised myself that I HAD to get some done…even if it was only a little bit.  So here’s what I have to show.


Last week I had 48 of the 144 I needed done.  This week I added 20 more putting me at 68.  I’m getting close to half way done with them.  YAHOO!!  These are the mindless sewing that my brain is desperately in need of and that’s one of the reasons I love making any quilt with strings.

I don’t expect to have much done coming up.  We have a picnic on Saturday and one on Sunday too plus I’m still trying to catch up around here from the retreat.  Sometimes playing catch up is hard.  On top of that…I have baby quilts to make.  So far I have three that have either just had babies or are ready to pop any minute.    If one is a girl I have a quilt.  The other two…I have to make…and if it’s not a little girl.  I’ll need to make yet another one!  Oh my.  That’s all okay though.  I love making baby quilts….and after they are made I need to start on wedding quilts.  I have two more to be done this year!

Happily I know what the quilts are going to be…I just have to get to them.  Those baby quilts are going to be first priority if  when I get to a machine.

You can find me back here next week. I can’t guarantee a lot of progress but there will be some.

6 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

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  2. I decided to use up some ufo blocks from a discarded project and turning the into a wall hanging. The quilt that I was originally going to make was to challenging in color placement for me at the time and I couldn’t concentrate on it. I loved the 3 blocks that I did though and recently pulled them out to look and decided they will make a lovely wall hanging. Love all the quilts that you make. I also so agree with your decision that you and your daughter made the other day about not being in charge of a quilt retreat – I believe from what I had read you had looked so forward to Bonnie coming for the retreat and then you didn’t have time to be there really for most of it and enjoy it while you were taking care of all the behind the scenes things – yes someone has to do it but that doesn’t mean you do more than once or twice – hope you get to go to one of her workshops in the future and sew as much as you want.

  3. I unpacked the 3 UFOs I now have to add to the list after the retreat! :) I have sewn just a bit on Thanks to You sashing pieces as I am piecing a back out of shirts for a memory quilt for a former student. Now I am hoping to get into a routine with school starting back up might mean more sewing time.

  4. I’ve shelved my 3 new UFO’s from the retreat for the time being and am plugging away on my Four Patch X blocks 4 patches. They are addictive :-)

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