UFO Challenge

Did you see that I finished up my Rectangle Wrangle quilt?  Here’s a picture of it if you missed when I told about it in this post last week on Friday.


It feels so good to have a finish….

Last week I told you I was in a debate about whether to work on Virginia Bound or on Fair and Square.  With my busy week prepping for the retreat I didn’t get much sewing time in.  Honestly, I likely only sewed about about 20 minutes on three of the days.  That’s WAY too little to keep this girl happy.

I ended up getting this done….28 more!!


It’s not a lot of progress but I’m taking what I get with the determination that no week will ever go by that I don’t get at least a little bit sewn.  I think that’s a good goal and one I can stick to.

Find me back here next Wednesday. I don’t expect a lot of progress again as I will be sewing away, likely making more UFOs, at the retreat.

11 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

  1. I agree some time is better than no time! I’ve been sewing 4 patch blocks for BH Four Patch X quilt. If I only get 5 blocks sewn then it’s 5 less than before. See you tomorrow at the retreat!

  2. I love your Rectangle Wrangle! It is beautiful! Progress on anything is better than putting it in a box and tucking it away.

  3. Aarrghh – I am still sitting in the middle of a big pile of fabric trying to decide what I am going to choose for ‘Point of Interest’ for Friday!

  4. Retreat prep has been my primary focus, BUT I did pick up the tote with En Provence pieces in it and figure out what I need to cut yet. I am trying to finish 12 Bonnie quilts before the new book comes out. . .

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  7. I had started Rectangle Wrangle and put it aside. Now seeing yours, and my recent trip through my overflowing shirts bin, I think I need to pull it off the shelf. I swear those shirts are multiplying in that bin.

  8. I haven’t sewn in a week or so and I’m getting twitchy!! Too many things going on, and with the long days by the time I get the kids to bed there’s hardly time for anything else.

  9. I’m with you, haven’t done much sewing this week because my evenings have all been spent on retreat prep… headed your way tomorrow morning and can’t wait! I’m completely inspired by your Rectangle Wrangle.. hoping to add to my small collection of shirt fabrics at the retreat and start on this when I get home! And yes.. I’m creating more UFOs!!!

  10. I have so many projects to finish up for birthday gifts for my Bible Study friends, plus handquilting a baby quilt for my new great-niece who is already six weeks old, plus two monthly block groups at my LQS that I am also behind on, and then all the ones I want to do for me that just don’t get done. Is there any way to include a photo in a comment? I don’t have a blog or webpage to link to.

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