UFO Challenge

I didn’t get as far as I had hoped on my UFO work.  A bum foot isn’t good for jobs that require a lot of movement.  That has left me away from the quilting machine and doing things that require lots of ups and downs and measurements.  I did get this far…the center of Star Struck is together.


I also managed to get Blue Skies this far onto the quilting machine.

I still need to get a batting loaded but I’m only doing short stints up on my foot so one day I’ll load the batting and hopefully by the weekend I’ll be able to a bit of the machine quilting in 15 minutes segments or so…but if that doesn’t happen, that’s okay too.  There is plenty of piecing to do around here  That I can do for a little bit longer because I can keep my foot up.  Granted it’s not raised over my heart but I can raise it over my hip so I’m taking what I can get.

Next week I think I might be showing off the next UFO I am working on. With my foot, these are a bit on stand still. We’ll see. I go back to the doctor on May 2nd. I’ll know how much more I can do then.

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  1. Love how the sashing adds more interest to the Star Struck blocks than without it on Bonnie’s free pattern. Great job!
    Hoping your foot heals better this time.

  2. You are getting more done than me. I haven’t sewed on any of my UFO projects this week but I did manage to put some blocks together that my guild sewed and make 3 twin quilts for our charities. Will turn them over to the top quilters on Thursday so I can focus on my list of UFO’.

  3. Now I’m curious! How on earth do you get the batting loaded underneath the top? I always load the batting on top of the batting and then run a row of stitching parallel to the top rail so that I have a straight line to guide me when I add the quilt top.

    Some day I ought to read the manual, but it’s worked for me for almost ten years!


  4. Yesterday I finished a scrappy child’s lap quilt. I only used 2-1/2″ strips and rectangles that were 5″ in lenghth. It turned out cute and cheery (the little girl who will get it has had multiple heart issues in her short 3 year old life) I only used scraps but there wasn’t much of a dent in the stash!! Today I hope to quilt it on my sewing machine.

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  6. Jo, I hope you see this. I bought the Bonnie Hunter book “String Fling” because I want to make Talkin’ Turkey. I was reading the instructions on String Quilting Basics. What foundation do you find easiest for making the string blocks? I don’t fancy having to pick paper off each block that I make. Please let us know what foundation you use.


  7. I have implemented the up early to sew and so far I have made 350 quarter blocks for Fun with Bricks. I pressed a top and a back to load in the machine tonight and I hope to be able to quilt it. I got binding sewn on a grad gift and a baby gift, now to make time to tack the binding. I have NOTHING but quilting on my schedule for the weekend. YAHOOO!

  8. I love your Star Struck! What a lovely quilt that will be. Is that a wedding gift? It sure is pretty. My progress on UFOs is slow this month but I have made a bit on My Blue Heaven. It will all come along eventually!
    Hope your foot is recovering well and you are able to rest as needed.

  9. Spring has done sprung here and gone straight into summer! I really need to tackle the weeds, but those and my UFOs are on the back burner, because I am tackling a cross quilt with 480 – 2″ squares for my 93 year old aunt, plus a hand appliquéd butterfly quilt for my niece’s baby due the end of June. Hope you get good news about your foot and using it more. Want to hear something crazy? The temperature reached 92 today, but is expected to be in the 50’s by morning!

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