UFO Challenge

I thought I was doing good.  Last week I was starting in on making the center nine patches for Talkin’ Turkey.  Remember?


Well I stole some time on Sunday to get these center done.  No one noticed, now did I that I was up to my old problems…not looking carefully enough at the directions.  I thought I was suppose to be making traditional nine patches but I was wrong.  I need to be making cross blocks.  UGH.


I had made LOTS of the strips that went red-neutral-red.  I didn’t need them.  I needed red-red-red!  UGH.

Back to the sewing the machine.  Happily my scrap bucket had enough more strips so I didn’t need to cut fabric.  I ended up getting up early Monday morning and this is what I accomplished.


Yahoo.  I the 36 CROSS patches done.

Coming up this week I’ll start in on some block assembly.  I can’t wait.

See you right back here next Wednesday.

12 thoughts on “UFO Challenge”

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  2. Well Jo, my life is one day after the other and not needing to know what day of the week it is I have gotten so your post which is read early in the morning tells me it is Wednesday! On with the week!

  3. Not to much sewing happened last week but then I had two guild meetings and we had our sit and sew projects which were fun and technique based. Hopefully today there will be some progress.

  4. Jo – I didn’t make the wrong blocks, but when making the En Provence quilt, I made 80 of one block when I only needed to make 64. Yikes – now I guess I’ll just have more to choose from when I do the layout. Maybe I’ll make a pillow with the extra blocKS.
    Anyway – that’s on hold while I make a log cabin quilt for someone who is retiring. It’s a beautiful day here in Wisconsin – even if the high is only going to be 34.

  5. At least you had the fabric available to make the correct pieces. You know that old saying “measure twice, cut once”. Somehow I think that applies here. Been there done that! ;)

  6. Little Monkey binding 1/4 of the way tacked down. It will be done before I sleep tonight. Then I need to set my next deadline. Niece’s grad quilt I think is up next. All pieces for blocks sewn, assembly is up!

  7. I’m also guilty of not paying enough attention to the diagrams on Bonnie’s patterns. They just seem so easy that I push along full speed ahead. And then after a bunch of blocks or block halves are sewn I’ll lay a few out to see how it looks and….boom!…I find out I’m going to be ripping and re-sewing for a while because I turned something wrong in making the earlier segments or put the blocks together turned wrong. Entirely too easy to do.

  8. I have loved and wanted that quilt for years! I have the top done and need to get the borders done! I’m going to a guild “sew in” in a few weeks. I have 3 UFO’s including that that need assembly. All Talking Turkey needs is the strip pieced borders so Hopefully it will get finished! Watching your progress!
    A few years back you made a quilt that I was also making It was called “Odds& Ends”. It’s a Shoofly in a star pattern. I am binding mine this week…. Talk about slow!

  9. Just got around to reading your post. I had been working on a table runner for my MIL’s 85th birthday. It was the 1st time to try spray basting. So glad it went well. I am glad you mentioned about making the 9 patches different than normal. I am still looking for that book. I haven’t seen it since our move he 2 years ago.

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