UFO Challange–The Kelli Edition!!

A post from Kelli–

UGH!  This summer has been a busy one for me.  I had about 7 weeks off between my mental health class ending in May and my OB class starting in June.  During that time, I trained for my new LPN position at work and worked lots and lots.  During this time, I also worked on getting my sewing room put together–more on that in another post.  I’m so very fortunate that my employer is so flexible with my work schedule and allows me to pick up extra hours during school and then accommodates a lesser schedule when I’m in school.

With being in school, it seems as though money is usually tight, so when I was actually able to work close to full time hours some weeks, it was really nice, so when I started class again in June, I got a bit ahead of myself and signed myself up to work everyday in the month that I didn’t have something for school except 2 days–and that turned out to not be the best idea that I’ve had.  I havne’t had a lot of time to sew at all in July or so far in August, but I wanted to show you what I was working on earlier this summer–GARDEN PARTY!

When I first saw this quilt, I liked it, but didn’t know if I wanted to make it.  The border wasn’t my absolute favorite, but I really liked the pattern, and it was little pieces which are also my favorite.  After mom finished it up though, I knew I was gonna end up making it.  I started in May, and got all the colored blocks done pretty quick.

Garden Party 1 (400x300)


The red and white blocks, however have been another story.  I havne’t gotten as far on them and most of them are part done and in different stages.

Garden Party 2 (300x400)I’m off until the 22nd, so I’d really love to get these worked on a bit more.  Once school starts again, its kind of a crapshoot as to when I’ll have time again to sew–Probably not until fall break in October.  I’m hosting an Artsy Fartsy Pinterest party at my house tomorrow, but I’m hoping that next week, I’ll be able to get in some quality sewing time.

Maybe I’ll even get this one all completely done??!?!  It’s worth a shot!



7 thoughts on “UFO Challange–The Kelli Edition!!”

  1. Just keep on sewing! Even if you only do one or 2 blocks/pieces a day, even if you can’t do that everyday eventually it will get done.

  2. Can’t wait to see your progress! You are so busy, but I’m glad you can carve out a little time for yourself here and there!

  3. I remember those days of working as much as I could and school. Exercise or doing something creative were my best stress managers. Whenever you finish this quilt, it’s going to be wonderful.

  4. I do remember how much time nursing school occupied!! I was an LVN for 12 years and then went back to school for my RN. It has been a great career!! Retiring in 1-2 years. I did a lot of different things the first 6 years and settled into NICU for 10 years. Now I do Postpartum/Acute Care Nursery/Lactation Consultant. You have a great reward when you finish!

  5. Great job Kelli! Your quilt is going to be amazing! I love your blocks so far. As an RN I know how busy nursing school can get so I hope you enjoy the rest of your break. Congrats on your new position at work. Have a great day! Lisa

  6. Martha Whitaker

    Kelli, I hesitated on Garden Party because of the tiny pieces! But I loved the pattern and once everything was cut, it went together fairly quickly. I added borders to it so it would fit queen bed. I really love it! Yours will be awesome!

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