Two Winners….

The winner of the Ecolux light from the previous giveaway is…..Bingo Bonnie.  Bonnie has a great blog. You can see it here.

I was a winner too…well not exactly a winner but a recipient. Mary the Sailor sent me a great little bundle of scraps.  She had sent them to me a bit ago but I am finally getting around to “petting” them and pet them I did.  This little spider piece is so cute!

It’s been so crazy here getting things settled and in place.  This time of year is hectic…adding in last days of school, college kids moving home, the garden, a husband working LONG hours, wedding planning and don’t forget lawn mowing and I just need a nap.  I have gotten lax on acknowledgements… Please know Mary, I SO appreciate your thinking of me and my “not so bright” scrap bin.  I am so excited to be able to add these little treasures to my stash.

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  1. I am so glad you liked them. I was nervous as this is the first time sending off fabric for me. That is two firsts you got me to do Jo, the other was my link-up with you Tuesday.

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