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Some time ago a gal that does childcare east of me, quit doing childcare and opened a pizza restaurant in a town or two east of me, Ossian Iowa to be exact.  I was really surprised.  I didn’t know their family had a want to pizza makers and I didn’t know how pizza restaurant would go over.

I vowed I’d get over there some time to check it out but if you’re a regular blog reader, you know I make a pretty good pizza myself.  We really don’t go for pizza very often at all.  I told Kramer about it and told him I really wanted to go sometime.  He was okay with it.  Well we didn’t go, we didn’t go and we didn’t go.  Then Kramer got sick and we never went.

When I was telling Karl and Kelli about some things I’d like to do this summer, I remembered that going out for pizza at Two Trees Pizza was one of the things.

Then when I was talking with someone..I can’t remember who, I said that I wanted to go.  The person ended up telling me that they bought “the Borderline Pizza crust” recipe.  Oh my word.  I about stopped in my tracks.  I  HAD to go now.

Here’s the backstory on that.  Kramer and I lived in Chester Iowa for a year.  The town is tiny.  It’s on Highway 63 at the Minnesota Iowa border.  They were known for the pizza that was made at Borderline Pizza.  We had family visit and we always went out for pizza there.  The pizza is famous for its deep dish crust that was crisp and buttery on the bottom yet not crisp through.  Seriously…it was my FAVORITE PIZZA EVER.  We moved from Chester but still went and met family there to share a pizza from time to time.  No pizza ever came close to beating Borderline Pizza.

Well one Sunday years ago we were driving through Chester on the way to visit Kramer’s mom and Borderline pizza had burned down.  Our family was so sad.  SO SAD!!

That’s when I started making pizza for our family….

Well…now that I knew Two Trees had “Borderline Pizza crust”, going moved up to the top rung of the ladder on my summer bucket list.  About two weeks ago, Kelli and I went.

The place was super clean and nice inside.  Annette, the gal that once did childcare was manning the register.  It was good to see her.  So much of both of our lives has changed since I had last her.  She looked like owning a pizza restaurant fit her.  I was so happy for her.

So taco pizza from Borderline was always my favorite…so taco is what we ordered…  Here it is….

I’m the black olive gal….Kelli isn’t.  Oh my.  The pizza was everything I remembered.  It truly made my day.  The one thing they didn’t have…sour cream.  Kramer’s are lovers of all things sour cream especially on taco pizza but we managed okay without it.

Georgie, as always, was perfect.  She let us eat…and eat we did.  We ordered a large and took much of it home.  We wanted to share with the family.

On the way home, I drove straight to Kalissa’s house.  I don’t think she remembers the pizza as we didn’t go often when she was little and it burned down when she was little.  I wanted to give her a slice so she’d finally know what we raved and raved about when she was a kid.

Here’s a link to their menu.   Here’s a link to their Facebook page in case you want to check out their hours.

Kelli and I already committed to coming back.  We saw that they do a smoked brisket pizza on Thursdays thru Saturdays….yep…you had me at smoked brisket for sure!!  The other fun news…Two Trees is located between my house and Kelli’s house.  I think she might have to bring home pizza to my house a time or two.

I wish Kramer had known it was Borderline Pizza crust.  Wild horses wouldn’t have kept him away.  I guess I’ll just have to indulge enough for the two of us.

Kelli and I are giving the pizza two BIG THUMBS UP!!  If you’re ever in NE Iowa, check them out.  It’s worth a drive.

11 thoughts on “Two Trees Pizza”

  1. It’s so nice when you can find a restaurant – one that the whole family loves – and even more so when it’s the same one you have loved for so long! Enjoy your pizza!

  2. The taco pizza looks amazing. I think a stop in will be on my list the next time I visit family in Iowa. I will have to check out the menu and there FB page.

  3. That’s funny: Here in Syracuse, NY, we have a pizza shop named Twin Trees Pizza. Pizza is something I could eat everyday of my live and not be sick of it! The Taco one looks great! Eating with my Grands usually, so I have grown used to just plain cheese pizza-but, pizza is pizza!!!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    You make me want to jump in my daughter’s car and drive from. South eastern Missouri straight up to North Eastern Iowa for pizza. It has to be great. I have enjoyed pizza since I had my 1st. Piece more than 60 years ago.

  5. I really had to giggle when you said you didn’t know how a pizza shop would go over.

    I live in an area where there are literally hundreds of pizza places. The phone book has PAGES of pizza listings. We have 3000 people in our little town and I could get pizza at more than 25 places within 2 miles. If you want thin crust,thick crust, fried crust (our favorite), Sicilian, old forge style, NY style, you name it every bar, every restaurant has their own version of pizza. When we lived in Lancaster County we went through withdraw as we had one pizza place in our town!

  6. Jo
    I had been trying to get there with my friends from West Union so I finally set the date which was 2 weeks ago. We had the taco and combo pizza (up to 16 toppings). We were looking for the sour cream for the taco pizza. Everybody loved the pizza and making plans to go back. I was the only one in the group that had eaten the original Borderline Pizza.

  7. My husband was so excited when I told him about your post. He grew up in Spring Valley and always talks about Borderline Pizza when we drive thru Chester on our way to my in-laws’ house. We may have to make a side trip next time to try this out!

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