Two Quilts-Special in Different Ways

I have two quilts that are special to me to share with you today.  The first one is a quilt made by a reader.

Debra sent me an email along with pictures.  Debra writes:
I made your gorgeous Bands of Color quilt from Spring 2020 Quilts and More magazine.

It is rare that I don’t change one or more things within a pattern but your example was exactly what I wanted to make. The aqua binding was genius.

I call it “Scrappy Rainbow” and it’s going to my granddaughter’s teacher- she went above & beyond, really helped my type 1 diabetic granddaughter to have a wonderful school year.”

See attached this picture.

Oh my, I love it.  Kelli and I designed this and it was originally in our book and later in the Quilts and More magazine.  I actually thought this design up while I was in the shower one day.  It’s amazing where or when inspiration hits.

This is an awesome beginner quilt as no seams need to match!!  Kalissa actually helped by sewing part of this for our book…and Kalissa’s sewing skills are limited.

Few things make a designer happier than seeing others make quilts that are their designs.  It’s truly the highest compliment so, THANK YOU, Debra.

Speaking of thanks I have a HUGE thank you to send out to Christi.  She sent this to me…It is an eye-spy quilt.  Some time back I had sent fabric to Christi that was eye spy fabric.  She added some of her own eye spy fabric and other fabrics and made 11 quilts.  She sent 10 to the Women’s abuse shelter.  She sent the 11th one to me for my childcare kiddos.

Seriously, I am at a loss for words.  I’m so thrilled and honored.  Isn’t it wonderful??

My poor childcare kiddos.  My napping quilts are in terrible shape.  I’ve long since needed to make them new ones.  It’s kind of like a cobbler’s kid having no shoes.  I’m the quilter and my childcare kids have no nice quilts at my house.

Carver saw it and spent a bunch of time checking out each block.

He would touch each block and say a part of a story.  He “went to lunch with a robot and they ate bananas and pickles.  Then they went to the zoo and saw a hippo”.  The story went on and on.  It was so cute.

He said he loved it!!

It was nap time so I asked him if he wanted to be the first one to nap with it.  He did…so I let him.

I’m hoping too many fights don’t ensue over the quilt.  Everyone is going to want it.  Thankfully it’s big and I can make a rule like the couch nappers need to share the quilt.

Better yet, maybe I should get my bottom in gear and finally make some nice napping quilts for the kids.

I applaud Christi for her dedication to making 11 quilts.  Oh, my word.  That is impressive!!   I am greatly humbled that she chose to give one to the kiddos and me.  That was super sweet.  THANK YOU so much.

…and that’s the story of two special quilts that crossed my path recently.

12 thoughts on “Two Quilts-Special in Different Ways”

  1. Both are beautiful quilts. Eleven quilts! How fun is that! She did a great job and lucky Carver to be the first to use it.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    What a heart warming story. I can tell how much joy you received the way you posted the story. Thanks Debra and Christi. Love the colors and the settings in both quilts.

  3. Donna Minter

    Eleven quilts! That is amazing! I have your book. Maybe I will make the rainbow quilt soon.

  4. What are the block sizes for the eye spy quilt? Do you know what pattern was used?

    Thanks sio much

  5. You are so welcome. I hope the kids hug it to death. I Spy quilts are my favorite to make and giveaway. I love that his mind came up with so many great stories. How fun is that? Maybe a writer in the family.

  6. Sharon Browne

    The Scrappy Rainbow quilt is adorable and I absolutely love the eye spy quilt! That was so nice of Christi to make 10 quilts to donate and one for you too. She did a great job!

  7. Elizabeth Sawyer

    I love the scrappy rainbow. What is the size of your squares? Or can you tell me if the pattern is still available?

  8. This post was a joyful Mother’s Day gift! The quilts are wonderfully inspirational. Going to have to make a rainbow quilt….after color sorting all my scraps. Enjoy your Mother’s Day, Jo, and mom quilters.

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  10. Beautiful and inspirational! If the eye spy blocks are not one directional, this would go very fast with the disappearing nine patch method.

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