Two Left Feet

Since my foot surgery I’m back to being able to wear my favorite summer shoes….canvas ones.  Every year I buy two pair.  One pair is for “good” (running to town) and one is for home (gardening and chores).  Last year I went all out and bought THREE pair as one was for childcare too.

Well at the end of the season I decided that two pair were shot.  I thought I’d keep the “good” pair and they would be this year’s “home” shoes.   The other two would go to the garbage. I thought that was a great plan.

A month or so ago I was in Walmart and picked up two pairs of new canvas shoes…so I’d have a “good” pair and a “childcare” pair.

Sunday I was planning to work in the garage painting and prepping things for the White Barns sale.  See the mess I am trying to conquer?

I went upstairs and got my oldest sweatshirt that I’ve had since high school.  It’s my favorite sweatshirt too…and my painting shorts…they are a favorite of mine too.

Then I grabbed the “home” shoes that were last year’s “good” shoes…or so I though.  I carried them downstairs and went to put them on….and UGH….SEE?  I have two left footed shoes.

What’s a girl to do?  I threw them away…went back upstairs and now I using a brand new pair for my “home” shoes.

Hopefully I make a good profit at the sale so I can back to Walmart…I need new “good” shoes as now I only have a “childcare” pair and a “home” pair.  Thank goodness they are only $10 or so…and that’s the story of my two left feet.

3 thoughts on “Two Left Feet”

  1. Many years ago, I started teaching elementary school. After the first bit, a group of us who had been in teacher’s college met up for an evening. I was entertaining the group with my story of the first day of school, with a sprained ankle (my classroom was on the 2nd floor) and no purse, which was locked in my husband’s trunk after our hike the day before. My friend topped me. A little girl looked down at my friend’s feet and said “Miss, why are your shoes a different color?” So – two left feet seems pretty normal to me.

  2. Once when we were kids… I was probably 15, with sisters 12 and 8, my sister had an orthodontist appointment, then we would do some shopping while in town. When we were getting ready, my mom came out of her room in 2 different shoes…to take a vote on which one looked better with her skirt. We voted, and then got in the car. My mom was sitting in the orthodontist office, basically knee to knee with him when she looked down and realized she hadn’t gone back to change into one pair of shoes. She had one white lace up keds-type of shoe on and one pink canvas shoe of a totally different style.
    I don’t know if the orthodontist notices, but we did some shoe switching in the car afterwards, everyone wearing shoes a little too tight to do our shopping, and my poor littlest sister going barefooted in the stores.
    That was 30 years ago, and still one of our funniest old stories!

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