Twister is Finished….

I finished up my Primitive Pinwheels quilt.  I really love it.  I got the pattern on my trip to Country Threads.  Mine is about 15″ x 15″.

The next challenge is to find a place for it.


I couldn’t decide how to quilt it and finally decided on stitching around each pinwheel.


I had never done single fold binding that is only 1.5″ so that was something new.  I would definitely do that again for small projects.  Typically I do double fold at 2.5″ and live with the bulk….not anymore.  On small projects, I will always use single fold.  I am trying REALLY hard to not get hung up on doing things the same way just because it’s the way I always have done it.  Learning or trying something new doesn’t always have to be overwhelming….

This is a project I would like to make again….The pattern is Primitive Pinwheels from Primitive Gatherings.  If you want to know more about the pattern and how it’s made you can follow this link.


I promised my daughter that we can’t return to Country Threads until we get at least one of the projects done that we bought there….my project is done…now hopefully my daughter will get hers done so we can make a return trip!

I’ll be busy in the garden today…..hopefully I’ll squeak out some time start quilting the quilt I loaded into the quilt machine last night.  Time, please be my friend.  If you have some internet surfing time, head on over to Sweet as Sugar Cookies.  Each Saturday bloggers link up with awesome food items they have made over the week.  Oh the food always looks fabulous.

11 thoughts on “Twister is Finished….”

  1. That’s such a cute pinwheel quilt – I’ve got a little twister started that I hope to get back to soon, as soon as I finish my H2H quilts!

  2. I really like your Twister. I bought one of those tools from Primitive Gatherings too, but haven’t had a chance to try it out. Hopefully soon.

  3. The Twister is is awesome. I think it would look really nice at my house. LOL I will be checking into buy this pattern. Thanks.

  4. I love the way you rounded the corners on this darling little quilt. I’ve made this pattern too, but it is MUCH bigger than this one!

  5. Well I love your Twister….. If you can’t find a place for it I know I can.
    You did a great job with your colors… The ruler is on my wish list.

  6. Love it! I did a little twister quilt like this as a Xmas gift for an aunt but I love the coloring of yours. I need a mini quilt for display and am working with Civil War fabrics right now so I think I am going to save some of the scraps and do one up.

  7. Denise from NY

    Love your “twister” and like how you rounded the corners off. I’m going to have to look for that pattern. Thanks for showing it again. Looks great on your table with the basket.

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