Twisted Sisters Fun!!

If you’re been a blog reader here for some time, you know that there is a vintage sale I just love going to. Honestly, of all of the shopping I do and places I go, this is my absolute favorite.

I have an antique/prim decorating style. If it’s old, I likely love it, admire it, or want to learn more about it. I really think the obsession is with wood. I love wood. Real wood. Old wood.

If that’s your obsession… imagine going to a vintage shop that features your favorite love…wood cabinets!!

I’m in the market for a wood cabinet. I am going to redo the office/toy room. It’s going to be a work-in-progress type of thing. Until I find the right cabinet, it’s pretty much on hold but that’s okay because I’m having an awesome time hunting for it.

I liked the cabinet above but it was not tall. I wanted something tall.

I liked this next one but again…not too tall and I really think I want open shelving or glass at the top.

I liked this one but the finish on it had bubbled a bit and it was SUPER tall. If I HAD to buy one that day, I think this one might have been it. But I don’t HAVE to.

Some unfortunately were already sold. I had to work at the vet office that morning and didn’t get there right when the sale started. This was pretty but painted. I don’t mind paint but wood with not paint wins in my world.

I liked this but had nowhere for it.

If I need storage, this one would have been a good option but I do want glass or open shelving.

So many pretty cabinets…

In their preview pictures, this is the one that I really considered…but it was sold.

This is the one that kind of haunts me and makes me wonder if I should go back…but I was thinking about his in the kitchen. One door is broken so I think I’d just take them both off. Hmm. I think it might be too deep for where I’m thinking.

There is SO MUCH to see.

I typically go through once kind of fast…then I go through a second time more slowly.

Both of these pretty buffets were already sold.

They were both so pretty.

Here are some of the other goodies I saw…

I love the sale as the gals who operate the event price things so sell. So many antique and vintage places inflate prices and then the inventory stays the same all of the time. Not these girls. It’s different all of the time.

So…that brings me to what I bought…I bought just a couple of do-dads…but I did buy something wooden. It’s in one of the pictures I already showed. I debated and debated for a long time before I bought it. I wasn’t debating on the price. I was debating on whether is would go where I wanted it to go. Hmm. I finally just bought it because– what the heck? I really wouldn’t know if would work unless I just bought it and took it home to see.

So what did I buy? I’m not telling yet. Check back in tomorrow morning’s blog post. It’s taking me just a bit to get in place and decorated the way I want it. Any guesses?? Leave a comment and guess.

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34 thoughts on “Twisted Sisters Fun!!”

  1. I think it’s the little red table in that last group of photos. That always looks like a great sale. I often do the same thing…..walk through a place quickly and then walk through again.

  2. Oh my stars!!! Such beautiful real wood furniture. I vote for the piece on which the quilt you showed previously is hanging on the door. All those shelves are sweet for storage. Were any of the larger cupboards cut in the middle? So much easier to transport that way.

  3. I’m guessing the little red table. Every year I say I am going, but something always comes up. Maybe next time. Glad you had fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. I’d say the small wooden cabinet with several shelves in it with the sliding glass doors. It’s in the single picture before the last 3 pictures grouped together. I thought of the red table, too, but I’m sticking with the wooden cabinet. You have so many pretty pieces that you’ve collected that would show so nicely in that cabinet — if you have somewhere to set it. I’m so glad I don’t live nearby, I’d have to sell items to have room to buy something & the temptation would be overwhelming — I LOVE antiques.

  5. So fun seeing all these photos—thanks for taking them! It must be the little red table! If you didn’t buy it I don’t know why—it’s you!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    I’m glad I don’t have to make a choice! I wouldn’t know which one I would like the best. Have real fun deciding. I’ll cheer you when you find The One for you.

  7. The one that haunts you. Tall, open shelves. Fits your idea of what you want. And I do what I call a reconnaissance through a store or booth and then go back and take my time.

  8. I think it was the step-back one that you thought might fit in your kitchen. I would love to attend one of their shows. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t want me to go. He usually says, “If something comes in, then something goes out!”

  9. Wow so many people are thinking the same thing I am. The little red table. I know about your love for red so that was my first thought. I took a look at the pictures again and remember you saying in the past that you loved some piece but you don’t have room for it, so it can’t be big. I’m thinking your going to put it on top of another table like in the picture. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see if I’m right.

  10. Karin R from PA and FL

    I vote for the cabinet you thought would be good in the kitchen – has one broken door so you would remove the other one to make an open display unit. Whatever you buy will be perfect for you!

  11. I really, really hope you didn’t buy that creepy doll head peering out of the lower shelf! Yikes! I think you bought the wire basket to hold some small pumpkins or apples on your hutch.

  12. My vote is for the very first pic. Stately piece. Had to go back and look for the red table though…never even saw it first time through…lol.

  13. Glenda Fletcher

    Hi Jo, The little red table in the last set of pictures, left side. I remember you like red.
    I wish we had something like the sale here in SE South Dakota. Then also your thrift stores. Would be so much fun.

  14. In the next to last set of photos – the tall open shelving with the folded quilts or the glass fronted cabinet on the white table.

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