“Twilting” with Carver

I’m enjoying my day off today.  Carver came over for a visit so Kalissa could run Gannon back to the doctor for a check.  I thought I would do a little video and show you how I quilt with him around.  Here is a Youtube link in case you have trouble seeing the video in the post.

Rosie got into the fun and it turned out more silly than informative…but I thought the video might brighten your day.

Some tips are:
1-Give kids tools similar to yours.
2-Talk about rules and remind kids of them frequently.
3-Have your supplies close and as prepared as possible.
4-Make it fun for the kids.
5-Don’t expect to accomplish a lot on your own project.

I’m sure a few of you are panicking seeing Carver with the big scissor.

He’s been doing this for a long time.  We talk about scissor safety all the time.  This is closer to the 25th time that we have done this so I know his abilities.  The small kids scissors I have here are not able to cut fabric.  The small adult scissors I have here are all pointed ended.  For what I have here, this is the best option.

He is cutting on the scraps that are so small that I won’t use them.  We were cutting up 100% cotton men’s shirts so there are a larger amount of trim scraps.  Carver loves cutting and measuring them.

We did this on my kitchen island area.  Both of us have plenty space which is important.  I can keep the rotary cutter away from him.  He’s not going to poke me with the scissors.

It’s really hard to keep count on how many pieces I’ve cut when he’s “helping”.  I put them in stacks of 10.  Then lay them out and stack them into piles of 100 when I get that far.

The video is very typical of my “twilting” time with Carver.  We talk and chat more than I accomplish anything…but it’s a great bonding time.  With all of the toys in my house, Carver will often pick quilting as something he’d rather do than play toys.  Part of that is because I’ve always encouraged him to hang out with me.  I don’t assume quilting is something only for girls…only for adults or teenagers.  I make it clear that there is a space for everyone, even 3 year old little boys in the quilting world.

I often get asked “how did you get your family members to quilt and sew”….the answer will always be…INCLUDE THEM!!

Carver left…my quilt is cut out so I’m off to accomplish something else.  I am so enjoying these two days off.

28 thoughts on ““Twilting” with Carver”

  1. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Oh goodness but this video was so sweet. What a good team you are, and, of course, Rosie, too! I loved it and Carver, I didn’t see any boogers!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh I so enjoy having my Grands help me in sewing projects. I have said and will probably continue to till I die if you want your children to learn anything start with them when they first show an interest. You have Carver started. Wonderful!love the video

  3. LOL…what a sweet video! Ya’ll make a great team – what a joy. You are building such treasured memories for both of you. What a fun granny you are! Carver and Rosie are both precious. Good job Carver, and I didn’t see any boogers. ;)

  4. I enjoyed the video of you, Carver and Rosie so much! I have 3 grandkids, ages 6,4,2. I enjoy showing them how to do sewing things, too. They really open up and start talking, don’t they? Thank you for sharing!

  5. Adorable video! It’s so great that Carver is up to helping you with quilting. He seems very at ease with the whole thing. You are a great teacher.

  6. My grandmother let me quilt on her quilting frame. She said I”made cow stitches” that she would catch her toes in. Maybe she removed my cow stitches when I went home, but it was fun and I still think about it 60 odd years later. Carver will remember your “ twilting” as a fun thing.

  7. Carver is such a sweet little guy and he really is into it, such fun! That Rosie is a cutie, puppies are so needy, but they are a lot of fun. Hi Carver, come and quilt at my house, you probably can teach me your grandma’s tricks. Thanks for sharing, Jo.

  8. It’s so much fun crafting with the “grands” isn’t it? Our grandson is just a couple of months younger than Carver and we have been “stitching” (cross stitching) together. Calvin will ask several times a day to “stitch”. He gets to push the “beedle” and I pull it. It’s such good practice for these little boys to learn to be still and not goof off as they so like to do.

  9. Oh my! This twilting video was absolutely adorable! I’m a former first grade teacher. So watching him wipe his nose on his sleeve was just the frosting on the cake. Thanks for sharing your priceless moments.

  10. Two green shirts! You look alike with your pink cheeks and bright eyes. How wonderful to have someone with you to “discuss” the activity with. Thanks for the video!

  11. Thank you Jo. This was just what I needed tonight. Carver is such a cutie and he loves his twisting. He takes it so serious when he was measuring. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  12. We always allowed our granddaughter good cutting scissors and sharp knives when she was helping cooking or sewing but never the grandson his attention span was that of a gnat….

  13. Such a fantastic video! Carver is so lucky to have Joey!! I have three boys and they love to help me but I’ve never tried letting them cut scraps!!

  14. What a brilliant video :) your grandson is so cute! And Rosie haha. Watching this has reminded me to order some new blades for my rotary cutters…… xx

  15. You and Carver have a special relationship! My 11-year-old grandson loves sewing with me, and has since he was only about 1 1/2 years. In fact, he has taken to it more than my granddaughters. We are now working on a science-related quilt for him that we designed together! Love my time with him – he is truly my best friend.

  16. It was lovely to hear Carver talking and counting – he is a special little boy. I would love it if one day you could make a video of how you create and sew your improv alphabet letters. I’ve always thought how great they look and have wanted to try doing it for some time :)

  17. SusanfromKentucky

    I loved seeing this video. It was nice feeling like I was right there with the two of you. You can tell how much he loves you by the way he was hugging you! What a treasure you are for your grands and the lucky kiddos in your care!

  18. I loved the video and your coordinated green shirts. It is so obvious the special bond and love you and Carver have for each other. I loved how he nestled into you. So sweet.

  19. My sister is a kindergarten teacher, and she says many of her students come to school not knowing how to use scissors. Carver is ahead of the game!

  20. Sweet video. However, Carver may know how to use scissors, but he’s wobbly on that bench and several times he’s holding the scissors upright and he could easily impale himself if he fell forward. Working in an ER you can imagine the number of times we’ve seen children come in with accidents with scissors, whether sharp or blunt end. If he’s going to use the scissors he should be on solid ground. Your daughter is an ER nurse, she might say the same thing. I’d be curious to know what she thinks.

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